The current department research infrastructure is centered on a strong collaboration between 5 PhDs, two ABOG accredited fellowships (oncology and maternal fetal medicine), and individual faculty interested in clinical and basic science research.

Research support provided specifically by the department includes research design statistics, laboratory facilities, and budget support. We also have access to all University libraries, outreach programs, and other facilities which are outlined within the resources pages.

The University of Kentucky Clinical Research Organization offers several seminars and day courses along with online research courses (IRB, writing, grants, etc.) to enhance research. There are also administrative classes and programs to enhance and support administrative management of research projects. The University as a whole provides excellent support for research throughout.


  • To perform cutting-edge research in women's health
  • To train the next generation of investigators in basic, clinical, and translational research in women's health
  • To promote gender based research investigation across the University of Kentucky campus
  • To foster collaboration among basic, clinical, and translational scientists and reproductive educators
  • To catalyze translational research leading to increased external funding
  • To serve as the primary resource for investigators who need assistance and guidance in women's health research
  • To increase recognition for the department and the University in women’s health research regionally, nationally and internationally