Expert midwifery care with added assurance


The UK Midwife Clinic offers superior midwifery (obstetrics), gynecology and primary healthcare to women across the lifespan in an environment that emphasizes shared decision making, kindness, and personal service.

Our certified nurse midwives provide compassionate care designed to empower women to create the birth experience that is right for them.

Our practice is unique in the Lexington area in that our patients also have access to the region’s most advanced medical care. UK HealthCare high-risk obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine and neonatal experts, combined with the region’s highest-level neonatal ICU, provide a safety net in the unlikely event that mother or baby need medical intervention.

Our clinic is small and quiet. We are located in an easy-to-access building away from the main UK medical campus, and all regular appointments take place here. Free surface parking is available just outside our door.

We attend births at the UK Birthing Center located on the third floor of UK Chandler Hospital. We encourage you to explore the hospital to discover how it is designed to accommodate all of your birth choices.

In addition to our other birth support services, we also offer laboring tubs, wireless monitors, and nitrous oxide. We encourage doula support and consider doulas as part of the birth team (not a visitor). 


Pregnancy support

For women with healthy, normal pregnancies, our expert certified nurse midwives provide care and guidance through the pregnancy, up to and including birth. Our goal is to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible and a rewarding and safe birth experience. Our midwives are experienced with the following support options:

  • Intermittent auscultation for low risk patients 
  • Hydrotherapy in the labor tub 
  • Nitrous oxide 
  • Hypnosis  
  • Labor sitting 
  • Squat bar 
  • Birth stool 

Non-pregnancy services

We provide care for women throughout the lifespan, from puberty through menopause. We offer:

  • Women’s health care and benign gynecology 
  • Annual exams
  • Adolescent care 
  • Family planning 
  • Contraception management  
  • Peri-menopause and menopause care including hormone replacement  
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment  
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