About Choi Lab

Since 2022, Dr. Yohan Choi has been working as a research assistant professor at UK College of Medicine OB/GYN. He earned his PhD at the department of bioresources and technology of Yonsei University in South Korea in 2014. He joined the OB/Gyn Female Reproductive Endocrinology lab as a postdoctoral scholar between 2015 and 2022. He worked on discovering novel ovulatory factors in the periovulatory follicles and determining their functions in the ovulatory process of mouse and human ovaries.

Dr. Choi’s research focus is reproductive immunology in female reproductive tracts, and especially, he is interested in the roles of immune cells in facilitating the ovulatory process in mouse and human ovaries. Based on next generation sequencing (NGS) technology and following bioinformatics analyses, he identifies leukocyte-derived ovulatory factors that potentially impact the ovulatory process in mice and human ovaries. Dr. Choi’s research has been and is supported by the Lalor Foundation and NIH.