UK Chandler Hospital

Each year, nearly 5000 patients are seen in the University of Kentucky Gynecologic Oncology clinic and 850 cancer patients are treated by our gynecologic oncologists each year. Roughly 1,000 surgical procedures are performed annually in the treatment of women with suspected or known gynecologic malignancies.


Outpatient visits are in the Gynecologic Oncology clinic on the third floor of the Whitney Hendrickson Women's Cancer Facility. Inpatient visits are treated at the NCI-designated Markey Cancer Center, which is part of the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

Whitney-Hendrickson Women's Cancer Facility at Markey Cancer Center

Clinical Services

  • Primary care and specialty physicians can call from anywhere in the region and consult with a division faculty member. Patients are assigned to a faculty member, who will serve as that patient’s personal physician.
  • For nearly a decade, the division has offered chemotherapy services to patients in the patient-centered, modern Outpatient Chemotherapy and Infusion unit.
  • In 1987, the division established the Ovarian Cancer Screening Research Program, which provides free ultrasound screening to asymptomatic women who are at least 50 years old. The Ovarian Cancer Screening Research Program is directed by Dr. Edward J. Pavlik, and provides ovarian screening in Lexington, Elizabethtown, Somerset, Prestonsburg, Maysville and Paducah (for more information see, UK Ovarian Screening Program).
  • Women referred with persisting or high risk ovarian tumors may require surgical removal, which may be accomplished by either an incision (laparotomy) or a minimally invasive approach (laparoscopy) depending on the specifics.
  • For more than 30 years, the division has cared for women diagnosed with preinvasive or invasive cervical neoplasia. Treatment options include laser therapy, LEEP excision, as well as more advanced surgical procedures.