Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality residency education that yields primary care family medicine providers to practice in Kentucky.

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Train Future Physicians

Train future family physicians utilizing a comprehensive competency-based residency curriculum that will provide them with advanced skills in delivering evidence-based and value-based care for highly complex populations that are representative of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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Diverse Training Settings

Train residents in a diverse setting, an ambulatory medical home model and in community based and tertiary hospitals, where they will learn the essentials of managing complex patients in a team-based setting, leveraging a transformative healthcare approach that emphasizes chronic care management and preventive and continuity care across the age spectrum.

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Professional Residents

Recruit residents who demonstrate professionalism, value teamwork, provide patient-centered care, with a desire to remain in Kentucky after residency.

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Inspire Collaboration

Foster collaborations within and outside the department through innovative educational programs that support learner interests and result in scholarly activity.