Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality sports medicine training that yields excellent primary care sports medicine physicians. This mission is driven by a robust clinical experience in an academic environment that provides high level care to athletes and active persons through clinical practice and outreach medical services throughout the Central and Eastern Kentucky regions.

Program History

The University of Kentucky sports medicine fellowship program is under the direction of Robert Hosey, MD, and Kyle Smoot, MD. The program began in 1999 and has remained fully accredited by ACGME. There have been 39 graduates and three current fellows to date. The program offers a comprehensive educational experience. 

The fellowship was designed to provide each primary care sports fellow with the opportunity to enhance their clinical skills as well as improve their ability to critically analyze current literature, develop research interests, hone research skills, and expand their knowledge base in primary care and sports medicine. 

The curriculum includes didactics as well as hands-on training including clinical experience in accordance with the American Institute of Ultrasounds in Medicine and American Medical Society for Sports Medicine guidelines and recommendations. The fellowship also provides learners with extensive training room and athletic event coverage at collegiate, scholastic, and recreational events.





Program Aims

  • To provide qualified physicians a training experience that will equip them to enter the physician workforce prepared for a number of fields including orthopaedic clinics, as team physicians, or a mixture of sports and primary care.
  • To train fellows in a learning environment that serves a diverse patient population including pediatric to geriatric-aged patients, and at athletic levels ranging from recreational participants to professional athletes.  
  • To train fellows about the comprehensive approach to management of common athletic injuries and orthopaedic problems while caring for all medical aspects of athletes.
  • To provide fellows with the opportunity to provide on-site continuity of care for athletes at the university and high school level.
  • To ensure development of procedural competence through use of ultrasound technology and opportunities to perform procedures in real time. 
  • To train fellows in an evidence based approach to sports medicine including the clinical research process, utilizing various available academic resources and opportunities both in the department and University, including the UK Sports Medicine Research Institute, and to present research at the national level.
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