Listing of KAN Completed Studies / Projects:

  1. Terminate Lung Cancer
  2. Central Appalachia Interprofessional Pain Education Collaborative 
  3. Navigating high-risk in-patient clients using a lay-health worker model in Eastern Kentucky 
  4. Physicians' and Pharmacists' Opioid Prescribing Study
  5. Patient- Engagement, Literacy, Adherence Study 
  6. Standards-Based Intelligent Tutoring Electronic Competency Record Build-Out and Evaluation
  7. Referral and Outcomes for Complementary and Alternative Therapies: Chronic Low Back Pain in Urban and Rural Primary Care
  8. Patient and Provider Attitudes Toward Obesity Care in the Primary Care Setting
  9. Best Practices in Achieving Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in Primary Care
  10. How and Why to Study the Practice Content of a Practice-Based Research Network
  11. NAMCS Study Materials
  12. Practice Content in Residency Practice Compared with Community Practice
  13. Communication about Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  14. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among Patients in Kentucky Ambulatory Network Practices
  15. Current State of Information Technology Use in a US Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network
  16. Information-Seeking Behaviors of Practitioners in a Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network  (PBRN)
  17. Factors Influencing Providers’ Decisions to Accept Children on Government Sponsored Health Insurance
  18. Pilot Study on Prevalence of Chlamydia in Central Kentucky Private Primary Care Practices
  19. Bringing the Behavioral Health Improvement Program (BeHIP) to Rural Kentucky
  20. Setting Educational Priorities for Women’s Preventive Health:  Measuring Beliefs about Screening across Disease States
  21. Improving Rates of Colon Cancer Screening through Educational Outreach and a Practice Based Intervention
  22. Screening Mammography for Older Women: Challenges Clinicians Want to Tackle in Collaboration with their Regional PBRN and PBRN Clinicians’ “Best Practices” 
  23. Audit and Feedback to Enhance Colon Cancer Screening in Primary Care
  24. Survey of Interests in Quality Improvement Among Kentucky Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)
  25. Planting KANNED PEAs: Developing a Sustainable Practice Enhancement Assistant (PEA) Program
  26. Cardiovascular Risk Education and Social Support (CaRESS)
    1. Patients, practices, and relationships: challenges and lessons learned from the Kentucky Ambulatory Network (KAN) CaRESS clinical trial
    2. Cardiovascular risk education social support (CaRESS): report of a randomized controlled trial from the Kentucky Ambulatory Network (KAN)
  27. Enabling Quality Improvement in Primary Care Practice (EQUIP)
  28. Physician Colorectal Cancer Screening Recommendations
  29. Participatory Development of a Generic Detailing Program with a Primary Care Research Network
  30. Physician Identification of Hereditary Breast Cancer: Psychosocial Factors
  31. Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Kentucky
  32. Enabling Quality Improvement in Practice for Controlled Prescribing (EQUIP-4-CRx)
  33. Enabling Quality Improvement for Diabetes Management (EQUIP-4-DM)
  34. An Evaluation of the Public Health Response to the Outbreak of Novel Influenza
  35. Understanding the Cancer Information Needs of Appalachian Cancer Survivors and Primary Care Providers
  36. Is Kentucky Prepared for the Patient-Centered Medical Home?
  37. Have You heard about Vitamin D?
  38. Search I (Screening, Evaluating and Assessing Rate Changes of Diagnosing Respiratory Conditions in Primary Care): A Prospective Cluster Randomized Study
  39. Follow up care for childhood cancer survivors
  40. Facilitating abstinence from alcohol.
  41. Tip sheet for patients with respiratory conditions and weak immune system who experienced flooding.
  42. CME/research opportunity on treating patients with Opioid Use Disorder
  43. Make Better Choices 2 (MBC2)
  44. Asthma Management in Primary Care