Applications will be open Oct. 2 - Nov. 17 for FamTrack 2024-2025. 

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FamTrack Program Overview

This 18-month program provides early clinical experiences for a cohort of students who are interested in pursuing family medicine. Students are partnered with a family medicine faculty physician from January of the M1 year through the end of the M2 year. They will be in clinic one half day per month and will meet once a month for facilitated discussions around their patient experiences. Students will have the opportunity to develop interviewing and patient advocacy skills through an ongoing relationship with one patient or family. During the M1-M2 summer break, students will have the opportunity to engage in an intensive experience in clinical medicine, research, practice management or a combination thereof

Mentored Experiences

Students will be matched with a preceptor for a 10 day/2-week clinical, research or practice management experience. Responsibilities and scope will be developed with the individual mentor. Opportunities include:

  • Clinical sites
  • Research mentors
  • Practice management mentor

Enrollment and Participation Timeline

  • Students may apply during the fall of the first year for participation during the three following semesters.
  • Program enrollment will open in October and closes end of November.
  • Selected participants will be announced in December.
  • Participation in half day clinics during the academic year will occur during the spring semester of first year and throughout the second year.
  • Summer immersion will occur between the first and second year.


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For More Information

For more information and enrollment information, please contact the UK College of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine at 859-323-6711.