Childcare resources include childcare facilities, summer programs and back-up care solutions.

Childcare Resources

Emotional Health Resources

GME provides access to various services designed specifically for residents and fellows to receive support in dealing with the unique needs of individuals in residency. 

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Financial Health

Your financial well-being is an important part of your training experience. 

Financial Health Resources

Health Care

Explore different UK Health Care resources for you and your family. 

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LinkedIn Learning

UK HR Training and Development is sponsoring a LinkedIn Learning pilot program through April 11, 2024. LinkedIn Learning, formerly, is an on-demand learning solution designed to help you gain new skills and advance your career.  

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Physical Health

UK offers a variety of in person and virtual options for maintaining and bettering health including gym memberships, nutrition coaching, well-being consults, and lactation spaces.

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Various resources are available for spiritual support in the GME program.

Spiritual Resources

Staying Safe

There are several resources to help our Residents and Fellows stay Well and Safe during their training at UK. 

Safety Resources


University of Kentucky Transportation Services offers a variety of services to our residents and fellows for transportation on and around campus.

Transportation Resources

UK HR Programs Career Development

Pongo, SkillScan, and Interview Mastery can assist with career growth and development.

Career Development Tools


The UK College of Medicine GME Wellness In Training Committee is devoted to helping GME learners achieve their highest potential through the integration of the physical, social, emotional, environmental and economic aspects of wellness.

Well-Being Resources