Congratulations on reaching the end of your training program! The GME Checkout process is MANDATORY for all exiting residents and fellows, including those who are staying on as faculty or in another employment capacity. Please review the information below to make your GME Exiting and Clearance process as quick and smooth as possible. 

Contact Winnie Commare at if you have any questions.  

Checkout Process

All trainees are required to attend a check out meeting in the GME Office. If you have questions, email


Insurance coverage for GME trainees ends on the final day of your last contract month. For example, if your contract ends on June 30, your coverage also ends on June 30. If your contract ends on July 5th, your coverage ends on July 31st.

Click here for COBRA information.

You can contact the Human Resources Benefits Office at 859-257-9519, option 3.

Email Account

Former employees will not retain access to University systems, including email. 

Individuals who also have student status at the time of their contract ending will retain access to email for approximately 7 days. Best practices include archiving and migrating your account and setting an automatic reply with your new contact information. For more information and help with your e-mail, please contact UKHC IT at 859-323-8586. 

Additional information is available here

Tax Forms

If moving, please be sure to update your mailing address in myUK when you leave to ensure your tax forms are sent to the correct address.

To access a digital copy of your W-2 or 1098T, visit To access the form(s), you will need your LinkBlue and your Employee ID Number. If you do not remember your Employee ID, contact UKHC IT at 859-323-8586.

Medical Records

Exiting trainees are required to complete all medical documentation before leaving the university. Be sure to check your in-basket frequently to view and act on any deficiencies you may have.

UK ID Badge and Pager

Bring these items to the GME Office when you checkout. GME will collect the badge and pager and return them to their respective offices.

Veterans Administration (VA)

If you are not going to be affiliated with another VA,:

  • Please return your Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card to the Lexington VA PIV Office.  PIV Cards should be returned to the PIV office at the end your VA rotation(s). If you have not already returned your PIV Card, you MUST return it by the last day of your residency or fellowship. 
  • If you have a PIV card reader, please return it to your Service ADPAC.

If you are going to a different VA after the end of your residency or fellowship, take your PIV card with you to the new VA and notify your ADPAC. 

Verification of Training or Malpractice Insurance

For verification of training, please fill out the form here.

For a certificate of malpractice insurance, please email

For a claims history request, please email both Crystal Kahler and Candice Corman in Risk Management at and

MedHub Access

You need to complete your clearance package in MedHub before your check out appointment in the GME Office. You will retain access to MedHub for 30 days after your contract ends.