Group of medical residents


Onboarding requirements prior to GME Orientation will be shared through the MedHub portal. No later than Monday, March 27, 2023 you will receive instructions via email to begin the first of three MedHub onboarding packages.

GME PGY-1 Orientation will take place virtually on June 16, 2023 and in person on June 20-22, 2023. There will also be a welcome event for incoming residents and their families the evening of June 22, 2023. Specific dates and activities for your program's orientation will be confirmed by your Program Coordinator. Program Orientation typically occurs the week following GME Orientation. PGY-2+ Orientation will take place virtually on July 1, 2023 and in person on July 3, 2023. Bowling Green orientation will be June 26-30, 2023 for PGY-1s and July 3-7, 2023 for PGY-2+ at The Medical Center at Bowling Green.

PGY-1 Lexington Campus Tentative GME Orientation Week Schedules:

You will be on campus for Epic training and your GME onboarding session. Epic training will last 2.5 hours. Your GME onboarding session will take approximately 3-4 hours. These onboarding sessions provide an opportunity to complete your required UK Employee Health and I-9 appointments; get your UK ID badge, pager, UK parking permit, and lab coats or scrubs (depending on your program); take a professional headshot; and complete any additional requirements. 

Below are the dates for PGY-1 onboarding activities and Epic training. Specific times will be sent out later.
Program Onboarding Date Epic Training Date
Anesthesiology June 21 June 22
Child Neurology June 20 June 20
Emergency Medicine June 20 June 21
Family Medicine (all campuses) June 21 June 21
General Dentistry June 21 June 20
Hospital Administration June 21 N/A
Internal Medicine June 20 June 20
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics June 20 June 20
Internal Medicine/Psychiatry June 20 June 20
Medical Physics (UK) June 21 N/A
Neurological Surgery June 21 June 21
Neurology June 20 June 20
Obstetrics and Gynecology June 20 June 21
Ophthalmology June 20 June 21
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery June 21 June 21
Orthopaedic Surgery June 21 June 21
Otolaryngology June 21 June 21
Pathology June 21 June 21
Pediatric Dentistry June 21 June 20
Pediatrics June 20 June 20
Peds/Psych/Child & Adolescent Psych June 20 June 21
Pharmacy (all PGY-1 programs) June 20 TBD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation June 20 June 21
Plastic Surgery June 21 June 21
Psychiatry June 20 June 21
Thoracic Surgery - Integrated June 21 June 21
Urology June 21 June 21

On Campus Orientation Activities:

You should plan to arrive on campus for your GME onboarding session 25–30 minutes before your scheduled start time. Your arrival time will be included in your agenda. This will give you ample time to meet your GME orientation leader at an assigned parking location and walk to your first onboarding appointment. Food will be provided daily by GME for everyone who is required to come to campus.

During GME Orientation Week, you will also have the opportunity to take a white coat portrait with a professional photographer. You and your program will receive a digital copy of the photo. 

In addition to the on campus events, you will participate in two virtual presentation blocks of 4 to 5 hours. For PGY-1 orientation, this is on Friday, June 17 and the afternoon of Thursday, June 22. For PGY-2+ orientation, this will be on Saturday, July 1. You can join the virtual presentations from home, so you do NOT need to be on campus during those time blocks. All times are subject to change, but will be updated on this website and on the Whova app (watch your email for a link to the app in mid-April).

PGY-2+ Incoming Resident and Fellow License Information


The Kentucky medical license application is a lengthy process, so the GME office recommends beginning the licensure process as soon as possible.  Please note, to obtain a medical license in Kentucky you must submit applications to the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure (KBML) and Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS).    

If you are eligible for a medical license (all residents/fellows with 12 months or more of post graduate accredited residency or fellowship training), you must have the correct license prior to beginning your training program.   If you fail to obtain the proper medical licensure, you will not receive a contract and will not be able to start your program on time.   

Specific medical license instructions can be found here: