The GME Office is excited to welcome you to  the University of Kentucky. Please make sure you are checking your email and this webpage regularly so that you can be prepared for 2024 GME Orientation. Below is an overview of what you can expect during your virtual and in-person orientation days in Lexington. For incoming PGY-1s, virtual sessions will be held on June 17th and June 21st. In-person sessions will be June 18th and 20th. For incoming PGY-2+, virtual sessions will be held on July 1st and in-person appointments are on July 2nd. Please be aware that appointment order and times may vary. A schedule will be sent in May with specific appointment times.

Note that if you will be attending the Bowling Green Campus, this information does not apply to you. Bowling Green PGY-1 orientation is the week of June 24th. Bowling Green PGY-2+ orientation is July 1st and 2nd.

Important Information

In order for your in-person orientation to be successful, please keep the following things in mind.

  • You will briefly be walking outdoors. Please dress according to the weather and wear comfortable shoes. Also, make sure to check the weather forecast for rain.
  • You will be taking a professional, white-coat headshot. Please bring professional clothing for this picture. Only your top will be visible in the picture, so you do not need to bring a change of pants if you prefer not to. You do not have to wear professional clothes the entire time you are on campus. Because of the heat, casual clothes are encouraged for GME Orientation. We will have a place for you to hang and store your clothes during your other in person appointments. 
  • Bring your required I-9 documentation (passport, birth certificate, DS-2019, social security card, etc.) A complete list of valid I-9 documents can be found here.
    • PGY-1s: you will need to bring your passport or birth certificate for medical license purposes. It is wise to use this document for your I-9. 
  • Make sure to complete the Employee Health onboarding item and the OSHA Questionnaire prior to June 1st. This ensures that we can do your fit test at orientation.


PGY-1 In Person Orientation Schedule
Program Onboarding Date Epic Training Date
Anesthesiology June 18th June 20th
Dentistry June 18th June 18th
Emergency Medicine June 18th June 18th
Family Medicine (All Campuses) June 20th June 20th
Internal Medicine June 20th June 20th
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics June 20th June 20th
Internal Medicine/Psychiatry June 20th June 20th
Medical Physics (UK) June 18th N/A
Neurology June 20th June 20th
Neurosurgery June 18th June 20th
Obstetrics and Gynecology June 18th June 18th
Ophthalmology June 18th June 20th
Optometry June 18th June 20th
Oral and Maxollofacial Surgery June 18th June 20th
Orthopaedic Surgery June 18th June 20th
Otolaryngology June 18th June 20th
Pathology June 18th June 18th
Pediatrics June 20th June 20th
Pediatric Dentistry June 18th June 18th
Peds/Psych/Child and Adolescent Psych June 18th June 20th
Pharmacy (all PGY-1 programs) June 20th Scheduled by program
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation June 18th June 20th
Plastic Surgery June 18th June 20th
Psychiatry June 18th June 20th
Surgery June 18th June 18th
Thoracic Surgery June 18th June 20th
Urology June 18th June 20th

Is orientation mandatory?

Yes. You must attend all virtual presentations and complete all in-person onboarding appointments to begin training and receive your contract.

Is GME Orientation different from my program orientation?

Yes, it is. GME Orientation is centered around what you need to be hired as a UK Resident - employee onboarding presentations, employee health new hire visit, completing I-9 paperwork, and Epic Training. At program orientation, you will become familiar with the clinical areas, your faculty, and program expectations. Your program coordinator or program director should reach out about your specific program orientation schedule.

When will I hear from the GME Office?

The GME Office will first reach out shortly after Match Day with a welcome survey for you to complete. Then, we will follow the below timeline.

  • End of March - You will receive a MedHub activation email and instructions for completing the first MedHub onboarding package.
  • End of April - You will receive information for activing your LinkBlue ID.
  • Early May - You will receive the second MedHub onboarding package.
  • Early May - You will receive a detailed timeline of your GME Orientation activities.
  • Early May - You will receive information for joining the GME Orientation Remind.
  • Week of GME Orientation - You will receive the third MedHub onboarding package.

How will the GME Office communicate with me during GME Orientation?

Remind will be used to manage communication between incoming learners and GME Office staff. Remind is primarily used with text messages, but you can also send and receive messages on the Remind app or via email. We will send out an invitation to join the GME Orientation Remind group shortly after Match Day in March 2024.

In May, will send your specific orientation schedule via Remind so that you have it on your phone for easy access and viewing.

This is a great way you for you to directly reach the GME Office and your orientation leader. 

Note: the GME Office may not respond to messages sent outside of normal business hours. We will respond when we return to the office the next business day.

Where do I park for my in person appointments?

When coming to campus for GME Orientation, you will park in the Hilltop Avenue Garage located at 301 Hilltop Ave, Lexington, KY 40506. You will park on floors 3-5. Floors 1-2 are reserved for people with a specific parking pass. Your orientation leader will meet you outside of the parking garage by the Don and Cathy Jacobs Science building to walk you to your appointments. Look for the person in UK blue!

Do I need to be on campus for the online presentations?

You do not need to be on campus for the online presentations. You don't even have to be in Lexington! The important thing is you are in a place with reliable WiFi or data service. 

When will my contract be issued?

Your contract will be issued at the end of GME Orientation. You must have completed all on campus appointments, completed all MedHub onboarding items (including the presentations in package 3), and watched all in person presentations for your contract to be issued.

What is the dress code?

Please dress casual for GME Orientation! We understand that you wil be walking across campus for various appointments in the summer heat and do not expect professional attire. However, you will need to bring a change of professional clothes for a white coat headshot. This will take place the day of your onboarding appointments. We will have a place for you to store your professional clothes while you complete the other onboarding appointments.

Do I need to attend all of the virtual presentations?

Yes. You need to attend all virtual presentations for the entire time they are being presented.

PGY-1: Your virtual presentations are June 17th and 21st.

PGY-2+: Your virtual presentations are July 1st.

Will I get a copy of my professional headshot?

Yes! We will email you a copy of your headshot. 

Where will my headshot be used?

Your headshot will be used for a variety of purposes at UK Healthcare. 

  • We will upload the picture to your MedHub profile. 
  • Many programs will put the professional headshots on their website.
  • Many programs will put a poster outside of their offices with their residents/fellows. The headshot is the picture used for the poster.
  • If you win resident of the month, we will put this headshot on the GME website.

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