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Information regarding resources available for residents and fellows training in programs based in Lexington, Kentucky is available here.

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Bowling Green Campus

Information regarding resources available for residents and fellows training in programs based in Bowling Green, Kentucky is available here.

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Hazard Area

Information regarding resources available for residents and fellows training in programs based in Hazard, Kentucky is available here.

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Morehead Campus

Information regarding resources available for residents and fellows training in programs based in Morehead, Kentucky is available here.

Morehead Campus Resources

Wellness in Training Committee

Physical, Social, Emotional, Environmental and Economic Wellness

The University of Kentucky GME Wellness In Training Committee is devoted to helping GME learners achieve their highest potential through the integration of the physical, social, emotional, environmental and economic aspects of wellness. This committee was established to develop recommendations for a systematic and sustainable approach to support wellness and resilience within our GME trainees. This committee is chaired by Asha Shenoi, Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education. The Wellness In Training committee has a broad representation and input from house staff, residency program directors and faculty from different disciplines including Pharmacy and Behavioral Sciences.

We are looking for trainees to volunteer to participate as committee members, so if you are interested in driving wellness efforts in your program, please email the chair, Dr. Asha Shenoi asha.shenoi@uky.edu

Two people on a hike through a field.

SOAR Program (Supporting One Another to Rise)

The UK Healthcare SOAR Program provides peer support when an employee experiences potentially traumatic workplace stress by his or her involvement in an adverse patient event, medical error, or patient inflicted verbal or physical threats or assaults. SOAR is housed under the UK Healthcare Chaplain Office and can be accessed by employees seeking peer support self or via referrals from anyone who has a concern that another employee might benefit from support. Learn More Here

SOAR Program Logo

ACGME Resources

Please see the following resources from the ACGME COVID-19 Well-Being Resource Library. You can also access these resources here.


Managing Mental Health

The wellbeing and emotional resilience of health care workers are key components of maintaining essential health care services during the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) outbreak.

Taking Care of Emotional Health

Pocket Card for Quality of Life

A free app that provides evidence-based tools to gauge stress as well as compassion satisfaction. The app will can track responses over time. https://proqol.org/helper-pocket-card

Physician Support Line

Physician Support Line

7 Days a week, 8am – 1am ET

​​​​​​​Free Confidential Peer Support Line by volunteer psychiatrists helping our US physician colleagues navigate the many intersections of our personal and professional lives.

The Physician Support Line has been up and running by the sheer generosity of spirit and expertise of over 700 volunteer psychiatrists since March. 

- We have endorsements by AMWA, APA, AOA, AMSA, various state medical societies and GMEs.
- We are in the midst of formalizing a partnership with the owner and operator of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to make this work sustainable past covid19.
- We have supported over a thousand physicians nationwide and have the capacity and drive to do much more. 

Please help us help you, our colleagues, mentors, friends, students, residents, fellows —-our sisters and brothers navigating this world of medicine. 

Our goal is to be there for every single doctor that may need someone who “gets it” without fear of reporting to anyone or hesitation because of internal or societal stigma.

Wellness and Burnout Screening Tool

During GME training and even afterwards during independent practice, the risk of burnout is high.  It's important to self assess and evaluate your own resilience and risk for burnout throughout your career, beginning during your training.  Below is a link to a self-assessment well being screening tool that is free and confidential. This link connects to a free 7 question screening tool that evaluates fatigue, depression, burnout, anxiety/stress, and mental/physical quality of life. This tool is anonymous and no information is shared with anyone. Graduate Medical Education won't have access to any of the information; the only information available to GME will be the number of trainees using the screening tool over time from our institution.

After completion of the questions, scores are compared to normative data from a national sample of U.S. residents and fellows. There is also an option to sign up and create an account if you would like to track your wellbeing over time. If you are not interested, you can skip this step and directly get your results. 

Wellness Screening Tool

Community Appreciation

Community appreciation for healthcare workers.

Discounts for Healthcare Workers

UK Human Resources

Especially during these challenging and changing times, we're here to support you.

REST program

UK HealthCare Psychiatry has developed a program called REST – Reaching out to Employees with Stress reduction and behavioral health Treatment. REST provides UK HealthCare faculty and staff a range of stress reduction, coping skills and behavioral resources while working on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call 859-323-6201. Depending on your needs, you will be provided immediate therapist intervention, offered an appointment or referred to the appropriate UK Work+Life resource.

Meditation, Relaxation and Exercise Apps

Meditation, relaxation and exercise workshops and apps for healthcare workers.


Meditation and sleep app that may help with stress and anxiety, https://www.headspace.com/covid-19


Available free for all clinicians with NPI numbers. https://www.calm.com/

Fitness Blender

This free exercise website was recommended by a wellness coach at Mayo Clinic's Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. You can view it here: http://fitnessblender.com/

Free Yoga Sessions

The Art of Living

The Art of Living, a volunteer-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a stress-free, violence-free society, is offering complimentary access to its guided meditations and its Happiness Course, an online breathing and meditation program specifically for healthcare professionals and created in partnership with Children’s National Hospital System. You can also join free live guided meditation classes on Zoom daily from 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


If you have any comments or suggestions for the wellness website or wellness resources, please email gmeadmin@uky.edu