Who do I contact if I'm having issues with MedHub?

Your Program Coordinator is a great resource!

I received a parking citation, what do I do?

If you have questions regarding why you received a citation, you may call the parking office at 859-257-5757.

To pay your citation, go to the parking website at www.uky.edu/pts and click on 'Pay a Citation' in the upper right corner. Remember, permit holders are responsible for all parking violations involving vehicles displaying permits.

Please be aware that citations must be paid before you will be issued a new parking permit.

What do I do if I get a needlestick injury on the job?

If you experience an injury (needlestick, fall, etc.) on the job, you need to report it immediately to UK Worker’s Care. At any time you are on UK business, whether you are at UK or on a rotation outside of UK and you incur an injury, please call UK Workers Care at 1-800-440-6285.

Who do I contact for letter requesting an excuse for jury duty?

You can request an excuse letter from your program or contact GME Registrar’s office at GMErecords@uky.edu

How do I access my pay information?

GME residents and fellows are required to participate in direct deposit. This simply means that pay is deposited directly in a designated bank account each bi-weekly pay period. You may access documentation for every pay period online through myUK Employee-Self Service available by signing on to myUK

Guide to Access Pay Statements

How do I access my W2 form?

W-2s are located online at UK W-2.  If you have issues logging in, please contact UK IT 859-218 -4357/ 218help@uky.edu.If you have questions about your W2, please contact UK Payroll Services. UK Payroll Services Contact Information

How do I update my tax withholding (W4/K4) form?

Federal Income Tax (W-4) withholding can be updated through your myUK account, myUK. Kentucky Income Tax(K-4) is set at a flat rate of 5%. You do not need to complete the Kentucky (K-4) section unless you want to add additional KY tax money to be withheld from your check. Guide to update Tax Withholding

Do I have access to a campus gym?

You are eligible to purchase a membership to the Johnson Center and Alumni Gym. Memberships may be purchased in the Campus Recreation office located in the Johnson Center. Take your ID badge with you when purchasing a membership. For more information, please visit the Campus Recreation and Wellness website

There are also memberships for employees only via the MoveWell gyms located on Export Street and in the Seaton Center" The rest can stay the same.

Is there an employee education program?

Yes. Yes. Through the Employee Education Program (EEP), UK employees can take tuition can have their tuition paid for 8 credit hours a calendar year. Any additional courses up to 18 credit hours, while paid, are subject to tax. The fee waiver does not include audited, non-credit, continuing education or community education courses. Graduate level waivers in excess of $5250.00 per calendar year are subject to tax.

For more information, visit the website at: http://www.uky.edu/hr/benefits/more-great-benefits/employee-and-family-education-program

How do I start working on Student Loan Forgiveness?

Requests are made through the GME Student Loan Verification Request   Provide your contact information and upload your PSLF form. A blank Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF): Employment Certification Form can be found Here.  Ensure that page 1 is signed and dated and leave Section 4 for us to complete. The GME team will complete the verification of your training and provide the completed documents back to you. It is your responsibility (resident/fellow) to then transmit the completed form to your lender for processing. Please allow up to one week for GME completion. Please direct questions to GMEAdmin@uky.edu

How do I obtain a certificate of malpractice insurance?

Please email GMEAdmin@uky.edu to obtain a certificate of insurance for your residency/fellowship at UK. 

How do I request reimbursement for ACLS/PALS/NRP or licensure?

Please submit all reimbursement documentation at GME Reimbursement. Detailed instructions and required documentation are listed on this link. GME follows UK Accounts Payable reimbursement policies.

Must I maintain ACLS/ PALS certification?

All GME residents and fellows (with the exception of Optometry, Pastoral Care, Health Administration, Student Fellows, Medical Physics, and Community-based Pharmacy) must be ACLS certified. Please check with your program to verify which certifications your program requires.  Pediatrics residents should have Pediatrics Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Neonatology fellows should have completed the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP). The certification must be American Heart Association (AHA) accredited. You are required to maintain certification throughout the duration of your training. The GME office will only reimburse for program required recertifications received while in training. We do not reimburse for the initial certification you are required to have to begin training. Please submit you reimbursements online at GME Reimbursement Request . This reimbursement link will provide instructions on the UK reimbursement process. You also need to email a signed copy of your certification card(s), front and back, to GMEAdmin@uky.edu . A copy of your card(s) will be stored in your MedHub profile. 

How do I get my DEA information entered into the UK e-health records system?

You will need to send a copy of your DEA certificate and a copy of your KASPER registration to GME at GMEAdmin@uky.edu. GME will upload this information to MedHub and send it to the Epic team.

How do I request a verification of income for a loan?

You can request an income letter from the GME Registrar at GMErecords@uky.edu.

University of Kentucky Employee Records can provide official employment verifications, details available at: https://ukhr.uky.edu/emprec/

UK payroll earning/deduction statements can be accessed in your MyUK portal. 

When will I sign my contract?

Contracts for continuing residents/fellows will be assigned in Medhub in May/June and delivered via a Medhub package. Contracts for incoming residents/fellows are assigned after completion of GME orientation and all fulfilling all on-boarding requirements. 

How do I obtain a copy of my contract?

Please login to Medhub, select ‘Review Records’ link (middle of home page), scroll to the applicable year and select link for signed contract.

How do I obtain verification of my training?

Verification requests should be sent to: uky.medhub.com/verify

The GME Office does not complete the following forms:

• Medical Board Licensure Forms

• Detailed Institutional Questionnaires (medical knowledge or performance based questions)

These forms should be submitted directly to the training programs for completion. Search for program contact information is available on the ACGME website at: https://apps.acgme.org/ads/public/


How do I obtain a copy of my pre-employment screening/background check?

Please contact the Pre-employment Screening Office at (859) 257-2608 or email alex.ortiz@uky.edu

These requests must come directly from the employee. 

Programs or GME staff cannot request this information on your behalf.

When do I have to renew my I-9 (process to verify identity and employment authorization for employment)?

Individuals on visas must renew I-9 as visa documents expire.  J1s will need to renew their I-9s annually. If your I-9 is expiring, you will receive an email listing the expiration date.  If you do not renew your I-9 prior to the expiration, you will be pulled from payroll and training, and will not be permitted to rejoin training until you can renew your I-9.

How do I obtain a driver’s license in the United States?

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle (automobile, motorcycle, etc.) in the United States without a valid driver’s license.  To obtain a driver’s license in Kentucky:

  1. Request a good standing letter from GME Registrar’s Office at GMErecords@uky.edu
  2. Pull a recent UK payroll earning/deduction statement available in MyUK
  3. Visit a Kentucky Driver Licensing Regional Office.

141 Leestown Cener Way, Suite 125
Lexington, KY 40511
Phone: (502) 564-1257

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
Closed Saturday , Sunday and holidays.

  • Bring a proof of address. This should be a piece of mail addressed to you that has been post-marked within 30 days and delivered through the U.S. Postal Service. If you have not received any mail yet, you can mail yourself a letter and bring that with you after it has been delivered.
  • Bring good standing letter and pay statement from MyUk.
  • Bring all of your official immigration documents, including passport with visa and (or Print out from I-94), I-20 or DS-2019.
  • NOTE: Non-immigrants are not allowed to register to vote. Please check "NO" when asked in your application.

For more information about obtaining a driver's license, visit https://drive.ky.gov/driver-licensing/Pages/Non-US-Citizens.aspx.

What do I need to open a bank account in the United States?

You should take the following documents with you to open a bank account:

  • Unexpired passport
  • Form I-94 or Form I-797 approval notice
  • Form DS-2019
  • A secondary form of identification
  • U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) card, if available, or offer letter from GME office

Additional documentation may be needed; contact the specific bank for details prior to going in person.

How do I apply for a social security card as a J1?

If you are a new J1, you must wait until your arrive in the United States and complete Validation of Initial Arrival process with ECFMG. ECFMG will validate your arrival in the United States in SEVIS. Once validated in SEVIS, a J-1 physician’s program start date cannot be amended. J-1 physicians cannot apply for a U.S. Social Security Card/Number until ECFMG has validated their SEVIS record. Applying for a Social Security Number prior to SEVIS validation will delay issuance of the Social Security Card.

After you are updated in SEVIS system, you can then apply for social security number. Visit the Social Security Administration (address listed below) with the following documents:

  • Contract (available in Medhub under Review Records)
  • A recent UK payroll earning/deduction statement available in MyUK
  • Passport
  • Ds-2019 or applicable visa documents
  • Copy of I-94 or print out from
  • Copy of Passport photo/bio page
  • Copy of Passport visa page
  • Completed “Application for Social Security Card” (Form SS-5), which can be obtained from www.ssa.gov. If you do not have one completed beforehand, you can also get a blank form at the SSA office and fill it out there.

Phone: 1-866-530-7754 or 1-800-772-1213

Address: Suite 110, 2241 Buena Vista Rd., Lexington, Kentucky 40505

As a J1 visa holder, do I have to maintain health insurance for myself and dependents?

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (22 CFR § 62.14) mandates that all J-1 exchange visitors and accompanying J-2 dependents secure comprehensive health insurance effective on the program start date indicated on Form DS-2019 and maintain coverage, without interruption, for the full duration of stay in the United States in J-1 status. Any J-1 exchange visitor who willfully refuses to comply with insurance requirements will be considered to be in violation of his/her status and subject to termination from the J-1 program.

See Mandatory Medical Insurance Requirements for additional details about this requirement.

I am on a J1 visa and will be attending a rotation outside of UKHC. What do I need to do?

Please contact GME Registrar’s office to submit outside rotation form six to eight weeks prior to the rotation.  The form must be submitted to ECFMG 30 days prior to the rotation.

I am on a J1 visa am I permitted to moonlight or work outside the training program?

No, the J‐1 classification is explicitly reserved for educational and cultural exchange. It is not a work visa and, therefore, J‐1 physician participants are not permitted to engage in any work outside of their approved program of graduate medical education (as reflected on Form DS‐2019).

As a J1 what documents do I require for international travel?

Always check the ECFMG website for updates prior to international travel.  See https://www.ecfmg.org/evsp/travel-preparation.pdf or https://www.ecfmg.org/evsp/applicants-current-travel.html.

The following documents are required for reentry to the United States after international travel:

  • Passport, valid for at least six months beyond the program end date on the most recent Form DS-2019, unless otherwise exempt
  • Valid J-1 visa (except for Canadian citizens)
  • Original Form DS-2019 containing travel signature in “Travel Validation By Responsible Officer” box on lower right side of Form DS-201

NOTE: Do not place the above documents in your checked baggage! Carry them with you, as you will need to present them to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.