Approved Resident and Fellow Expenditures

Dental / Medical / Optometry Licensure

Incoming residents in the dental, optometry and medical residency programs are eligible for reimbursement of the Kentucky Board of Optometry, Kentucky Board of Dentistry or Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure licensure fees (credentialing i.e. FCVS / background fees / exams are NOT covered under this reimbursement). All continuing residents should await instruction from the GME office for licensure application or renewal, as the GME office pays the licensure fees via our credit card, rather than providing reimbursement to the resident. Pharmacy residents, please contact your program coordinator for questions regarding your licensure application and payment procedures.

To request reimbursement, please submit the requested items into this webform. This submission will begin the reimbursement process.

*Your reimbursement will be a direct deposit into your bank account. You should receive your reimbursement in three to eight weeks. 

Please keep in mind, there are high volume reimbursement times during the year that may increase reimbursement processing time. Thank You.

ACLS / PALS / NRP Certification Renewals

Residents under contract in the GME office are eligible for reimbursement for the ACLS/PALS/NRP certifications that are required by your program. GME strongly recommends that residents take the free courses through CE Central / First Response of the Bluegrass, so that no out of pocket money is required. However, if this vendor cannot accommodate your schedule and you need to use another vendor that requires payment, the GME can reimburse this fee. Incoming residents are not eligible for reimbursement of this fee as this is a requirement of employment to start in your training program. 

*Incoming Residents and Fellows are not reimbursed for first year required certification, but UK GME does reimburse for certification renewals while enrolled in a UK GME program. 


1) Reimbursement Form


  • Please do not type your name. You must sign with your mouse/tablet pen, use an Adobe Official signature with the time and date stamp, or print and sign the document and attach. 
  • When filling out the form, please make sure your home address matches the home address listed in your MyUK account. Please update your address in MyUK before submitting your reimbursement form.
  • Do not delete statement from the GME Office. 



2) Receipts

Your receipt from KBML, KBD, KBO or the ACLS / PALS / NRP instructor.

3) Bank Document

Documentation of the transaction from your bank (i.e. a copy of the cleared check- both sides, or a screenshot from your mobile banking to show the transaction occurred-must include last 4 of card number and/ employee name on transaction).

Apply for Reimbursement

Please let the GME office know if you have any questions or concerns.

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