Counseling With a Therapist

UK offers employees and their family members 5 free therapy sessions per fiscal year. They are external to the University, offer late afternoon, evening, and weekend hours, and learners can reach out to them directly to schedule an appointment. 

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Lexington Medical Society Physician Wellness Program (PWP)

GME has contracted with a psychology group to provide support for our residents and fellows. This psychology group is not affiliated with University of Kentucky so services won’t be billed to health insurance and services are completely confidential. Services include individual counseling, couples/family sessions, and sessions with spouse/partners alone. These confidential and free counseling services are available to any UK resident or fellow (not just physicians!). For appointments call 1-800-350-6438. 

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The Ridge Behavioral System

Access to confidential consultation regarding the need for emergency psychiatric services is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week through the admissions office at The Ridge Behavioral System. The telephone number to call is 859- 268-6400. Ask for the Assessment Office and identify yourself as a UK resident/fellow needing immediate evaluation. If admission is required, the caller will be asked to directly to The Ridge, bypassing evaluation in the UK Emergency Department.

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Emergent Psychiatry Services

Access to confidential consultation is available through the UK Department of Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic during business hours, five days per week. The telephone number is 859-323-6021. Follow prompts for the Outpatient Clinic. 

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Emotional State Kit

Resources for developing emotionally responsive leaders and supporting teams in times of crisis.

Download the PDF for resources for developing emotional responsive leaders and supporting teams in times of crisis.

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UK Mental Health Resources

UK Human Resources offers a variety of mental health resources.

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SOAR Program (Supporting One Another to Rise)

The UK Healthcare SOAR Program provides peer support when an employee experiences potentially traumatic workplace stress by his or her involvement in an adverse patient event, medical error, or patient inflicted verbal or physical threats or assaults. SOAR is housed under the UK Healthcare Chaplain Office and can be accessed by employees seeking peer support self or via referrals from anyone who has a concern that another employee might benefit from support. 

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Pastoral Care

Chaplains serve as members of the health care team in a number of capacities, including 24-hour ministry, providing support to patients, families and staff who may be experiencing spiritual, emotional and medical crises. The chapels are open 24 hours a day for prayer and reflection. All are welcome.

Chandler Hospital Chapels

  • Myra Leigh Tobin Chapel - Pavilion A, Ground Floor
  • Pavilion H Chapel - Room H122
  • Pastoral care office - Pavilion A, Ground Floor, Room A.00.115

    Pager: 859-330–1520, phone: 859-323–5301

Good Samaritan Hospital

  • Room B130, next to the chaplains’ office and Conference Room A
  • Pastoral care office - Floor 1, Room B124, next to the chapel

    Pager: 859-330–2782, phone: 859-226–7029