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Employee Taxes

This section will show what the employee has currently listed as their filing status on both theirFederal W4 and State K4. Our second most asked question is, “I don’t know what I am claiming, where can I find this information?” 


As of January 1, 2020, the IRS changed the Federal filing status, removed the allowances and released updated tax brackets. Anyone who had allowances as of January 1, 2020 was grandfathered and allowed to keep those allowances. Those allowances would remain in place unless the employee updated their federal tax record at which time the allowances would be removed.

  • All employees hired on or after January 1, 2020 are required to enter new federal tax information based upon new federal guidelines. Information pertaining to the new federal guidelines can be accessed here.
  • If employees hired on or after January 1, 2020 do not update their tax record, Payroll Services will default their federal taxrecord to the filing status of Single and the employee will have the most federal tax withheld based upon the new tax bracket.
  • Employees can update their federal tax information via theirEmployee Self Service portals. Instructions can be found here:…. Paper forms do not have to be submitted to Payroll


January 1, 2018 the Kentucky State Revenue cabinet changed how state tax is withheld. They removed the filing status and allowances and began withholding 5% for state taxes.

  • Employees state tax records were frozen with-in the pay roll system and cannot be updated. Employees may see a filing status and allowances on their pay statement, but the system is not using that information to calculate taxes, it is using the built in calculation of 5%.
  • Employee cannot update their state tax record via Employee Self Service.
  • The only acceptable state tax change is for employees working in reciprocal states or those who qualify for one of the exemptions listed on the K4 form. The K4 tax form should only be completed by employees claiming exempt under the criteria listed page one of the forms. Any forms submitted by employees not claiming an exemption will have the form rejected and destroyed. Employees tax record will remain as is.

Check Transfer

This section of the paystub shows the Payment method: either through check or direct deposit.

  • If the employee has more than one direct deposit set up, each deposit will be shown in this section along with the amount being deposited. The bank identifying information is never displayed here.
  • Employees can update bank information via Employee Self Services. Instructions can be found here.
  • At this time checks issued to employees are mailed to the home address on file the day before pay day.
  • Reminder – direct deposit is a condition of employment; biweekly employees have 6 weeks and monthly employees have 8 weeks toset up their bank information. Employees who do not set up direct deposit can be written up and or terminated for noncompliance.
  • Employees are encouraged to check their remuneration statement every pay period for accuracy. Remunerations are available via Employee Self Service the day after the prelim. Instructions for accessing remunerations via Employee Self Service can be found here.
  • Issues concerning wages should be reported directly to GME Admin.
  • Issues concerning benefits should be directed to the Benefits Office@ 859-257-9555 opt 3
  • Issues concerning taxes should be directed to the payroll analyst for that employees last name. Contact information for Payroll Services analysts can be found here.
  • Issues concerning Credit Union deductions (listed under Post tax deductions) should be directed to 
    Charlotte Enix at UKFCU 859-264-4246

Payroll Schedule

Here you can access the payroll schedule calendar. The "Date Paid" column is when you will receive your pay statement.


How to Access Pay Statement

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Obtaining a Replacement Social Security Card

If you've lost your Social Security Card don't fret! The link below allows you to request a replacement card. 

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Stipend Amounts

Stipends are updated annually.