Participating in a Study

Participating in a study can have many benefits including allowing you to have an active role in your own health care and receiving new research treatments before they are widely available. You will also be receiving expert medical care throughout the study and helping contribute to the future of other patients by contributing to our research. 

Although your experience may vary depending on the type of study you participate in, you can be assured you will be seen by doctors and nurses along with other healthcare professionals that will stay involved throughout the study. Not only will they determine whether you are eligible before the study begins and take care of you throughout the study, they will also stay in touch after the study is complete.

Each study has a protocol outlining what researches will do in the study that will be closely followed to ensure the best results possible and keep the patient safe. Studies are also federally regulated with built in safeguards to protect participants.  Study participants are allowed to withdraw from the study at any time.

Because guidelines, experiences, and outcomes can vary widely from study to study please contact us to learn more about studies that apply to you.