Geriatric Neurology Fellowship

McCowan Endowed Fellowship in Clinical & Translational Geriatric Neurology in the Kentucky Neurologic Institute and Sanders-Brown Center on Aging

The Kentucky Neuroscience Institute Geriatric Neurology fellowship is a one-year training program pending accreditation by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS). It provides an opportunity for eligible physicians who wish to gain advanced training in the specialty of geriatric neurology in a protected environment that allows flexibility in training and pursuit of higher academic goals. Multi-specialty experience is gained through direct clinical exposure in memory disorders, movement disorders, cerebrovascular, and neurorehabilitation clinics. Our focus on translational research activities is ideal for the candidate who hopes to pursue a career in academic neurology, developing both research and educational skills without sacrificing clinical exposure to a wide array of age-related neurologic diseases.

Under the direction of Gregory Jicha, MD, PhD, in the department of neurology, Kentucky Neurologic Institute, and Sanders Brown Center on Aging at the University of Kentucky, College of Medicine, this one-year fellowship focuses on clinical care in a translational research environment. Multiple active research projects investigating novel therapeutic approaches for age-related neurologic disease create a dynamic educational environment that can be crafted to meet the fellow’s specific interests and needs. Fellows will engage directly in translational research activities, and are expected to present their findings at national/international meetings with costs of attendance covered by the training program. Fellows will also be involved in the training of neurology, psychiatry, and internal medicine residents, and medical students to develop skills that will directly contribute to their future academic success. Strong consideration of continued faculty appointment at the level of assistant professor is an essential part of our program for fellows who excel in their fellowship training experience.


Applicants questions should be sent to: