Program Details


The University of Kentucky Neurology PA Academic residency is dedicated to train physician assistant graduates in the field of adult neurology to provide exceptional health care to patients.


  • To educate and prepare recent PA graduates for transition into adult neurology
  • Meeting the health care needs for providing adult neurology in the community
  • Changing how PAs are educated in the ever-changing health care delivery system from a physician training on the job of a new graduate in the field of neurology, to now meeting the demands of employers (hospitals) to be ready to practice at a higher level of competency


  • Readiness to start working at a higher level of competency
  • Competitive advantage in employment
  • Meeting the need for sub-specialize care in hospital industry

Program Goals:

  • To prepare the physician assistant (PA) to deliver health care in the field of adult neurology that is beyond the newly graduate level to an advance level of knowledge and skills
  • Educate competent neurology physician assistant to function at a higher level than a generalist PA
  • The education of the physician assistant for the practice of managing and caring for in hospital patients and in the outpatient clinics encompasses education in basic science, training in cognitive and technical skills, development of clinical knowledge, and maturity in the acquisition of clinical care thinking and judgement


Program Director - Julie Gurwell, PhD, PA-C

Positions Held:
  • Professor
  • Director of Advanced Practice Providers, Neurology

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