Thank you for your interest in rotating at UK!

The UK College of Medicine Department of Surgery currently offers the following visiting student rotations:

  • AI in pediatric surgery
  • AI in plastic surgery
  • AI in surgical oncology
  • AI in colorectal surgery
  • AI in cardiothoracic surgery
  • AI in transplant surgery
  • AI in vascular surgery
  • AI in emergency general surgery ICU

Because space is extremely limited, the department can only host international students from partner institutions where we have a finalized affiliation agreement already in place.


We strongly encourage eligible visiting students to apply for one of our PIE acting internship scholarships. For Academic Year 2024-2025, we have up to five scholarships available. The scholarship provides $2,000 to cover costs associated with travel, lodging, and other expenses. Click here for more details and to apply.


Rotation dates are set by our College of Medicine. Students must rotate according to the 4-week blocks specified in VSLO. In rare circumstances, our department can work with students to modify the end date of an acting internship with clinical time being made up at a later date in the academic year. However, start dates absolutely cannot be changed due to College of Medicine orientation trainings.

  • Block 1: 6/3/2024 through 6/28/2024
  • Block 2: 7/1/2024 through 7/26/2024
  • Block 3: 7/29/2024 through 8/23/2024
  • Block 4: 8/26/2024 through 9/20/2024
  • Block 5: 9/23/2024 through 10/18/2024
  • Block 6: 10/21/2024 through 11/15/2024
  • Block 7: 11/18/2024 through 12/13/2024
  • Block 8: 1/6/2025 through 1/31/2025

Eligible students may apply in VSLO after being pre-screened through the Registrar's office.

2024-2025 Catalog Available in VSLO: March 11, 2024

Applications Opened in VSLO: March 27, 2024

Applications Processed: Applications are reviewed for eligibility in the order in which they are received. Due to the high volume of applications we receive every year, the review process may take up to 10 days or more.

Acceptance: Students are accepted at least 4 weeks before a course block begins. After acceptance, visiting students complete a post-decision screening through the Registrar office. UK College of Medicine provides onboarding, orientation, and Epic training on the first Monday of the rotation block.


Students are NOT permitted to make independent arrangements with any UK program or employee. All inquiries regarding visiting student opportunities should be directed to Jamie Ward.