Medical Student Education

The UK College of Medicine Department of Surgery considers the training of residents and medical students as one of its highest priorities. To that end, the Surgery Education Office works with faculty on educational services and research projects. Surgery faculty members teach the third- and fourth-year medical school courses and oversee the training of residents and fellows.

The mission of the University of Kentucky Surgery Education Office is to work with surgical faculty to provide ongoing educational services, implement and evaluate educational innovations, and conduct educational research to improve the medical education process. The office works with faculty on departmental and divisional service and research projects. It routinely evaluates educational programs, activities, faculty teaching, and the performance of residents and medical students.

Surgery Education Office staff assist with the administration of third-year surgery clerkships and the fourth-year surgery acting intern program. In addition to assisting students, the education office assists surgery faculty members with the preparation of information and data for annual reviews and promotion dossiers.

Surgery Education Committee

The Surgery Education Committee was established to ensure the quality of undergraduate medical education in the department. Core teaching faculty and staff comprise this committee along with third- and fourth-year course directors. The committee addresses topics important to student education including curriculum development and innovation.

Office of Medical Student Education

Third-Year Clerkship

The seven-week surgery clerkship presents surgical approaches to adult and pediatric disease. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of surgical patients and problems. Students learn through direct involvement in patient care, as well as weekly protected learning sessions, case-based discussions, and clinical skills workshops.

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Fourth-Year Acting Internships

Fourth-year acting internships are designed to provide students with an advanced level of direct patient care responsibility in a variety of clinical settings. UK fourth-year medical students and visiting students from approved institutions are encouraged to complete an acting internship with us!

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Faculty and Resident Teaching Awards

The department recognizes excellence in medical student and resident education based on student and resident evaluations during the academic year.

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