Since the first kidney transplant was performed, the University of Kentucky has been highly committed to bringing the benefits of organ transplantation to the citizens of the Commonwealth and surrounding states. Based at the University of Kentucky, the Transplant Institute directs programs in kidney, liver, and pancreas transplantation as well as active research and educational programs.

The UK liver and pancreas transplant programs are the premier transplant programs in the Commonwealth.

The liver program has been nationally recognized for its high transplant rate and organ acceptance. The kidney transplant program is one of the oldest and most reputable programs in the area and the first program to introduce a minimally invasive approach to live kidney donation. In addition, the transplant section performs an extensive range of general surgical procedures, focusing on advanced hepatobiliary surgery, the surgical management of hepatocellular carcinoma, vascular access for dialysis, and abdominal surgery for transplant patients. The transplant program, because of its expertise in liver transplantation, is able to offer advanced liver resection (using total vascular exclusion techniques) and other hepatobiliary procedures. The transplant section works in close cooperation with the division of urology to provide minimally invasive donor procedures that make it possible for more people to donate kidneys to their relatives and friends in need. For more information about our program, see the UK HealthCare Transplant Institute.

Roberto Gedaly, MD
Roberto Gedaly, MD
Division Chief