The University of Kentucky’s Division of Plastic Surgery retained possession of the coveted Glancy Cup for a second consecutive year and for the third time in four years, when Dr. William North, a fifth-year resident, was named winner of the prestigious Glancy Award at the 59th annual scientific meeting of the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (SESPRS).

The Glancy Award recognizes residents for excellence in Plastic Surgery research.

Kentucky joins Vanderbilt University and Emory University as the only other programs within SESPRS whose residents have won the Glancy Award five times. They are exceeded only by the University of Virginia, whose residents have been recognized seven times in the research award’s 39 year history.

Interest in the award has risen significantly in the past decade. Over 60 abstracts were submitted to the Glancy Award committee this year for consideration. Of those 60, the committee selected 12 for podium presentations at the annual SESPRS scientific meeting, which made the competition this year just a little more intense than the previous one. In 2015, there were eight presentations vying for the award.

“It’s an achievement simply to be invited to make a presentation, Dr. North said. “I think the increase in the number of presentations this year was indicative of the quality of the research being conducted by residents [in SESPRS member institutions that encompass 11 Southeastern States and Puerto Rico.”

Adding to the competition’s intensity, residents were allowed only five minutes to make their presentations and those limits were strictly enforced.

Dr. North was lead author of a study entitled “Dermal Autograft using Donor Breast as Alternative to Acellular Dermal Matrices in Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction: A Comparative Review.” Author credit also went to UK College of Medicine students Christopher Kubajak and Brad St. Martin as well as Dr. Brian Rinker, Director of the UK Plastic Surgery Residency Program.

“Chris and Brad collected the data and compiled statistics in the patient record review,” Dr. North said. “I am also indebted to my fellow colleagues and attendings for helping sharpen the presentation to fit within the time limits and advise me on questions that the committee might ask. I doubt I’d be celebrating without their feedback and support.”

The residency competition and Glancy Award were established by General Alfred Robinson Glancy, a former vice president of General Motors, as a gesture of gratitude for medical services that SESPRS member Billy Huger, MD, of Atlanta provided to him in the early 1970s.

Each year, the winning physician’s name is etched into the Glancy Cup and is displayed at the physician’s resident institution for the year. Since 2015, that place has been at UK.

“It was an honor to share a sample of the work being done at the University of Kentucky with our colleagues throughout the southeast,” said Dr. North.

Dr. William North is entering his chief year in plastic surgery at UK. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Dr. North earned his medical degree from the University of Mississippi Medical School.