A third year University of Kentucky medical student was invited to present his research work at the 64th annual world congress of the International College of Angiology (ICA).

Sam Karem, a medical student at the Northern Kentucky campus of the UK College of Medicine, obtained IRB approval to conduct a single center retrospective research study. He was working under the mentorship of Dr. Sibu Saha, professor of surgery. 

The subject of his research focused on surgical outcomes from Left Ventricular Assist Device therapies used to treat patients suffering various forms of heart failure from 2017-2021 at UK HealthCare in Lexington.

LVAD procedures are used most often to manage late stage heart failure symptoms and as a bridge for patients awaiting a heart transplant

Karem submitted an abstract and slide presentation of his work to the ICA. He was very pleased when his research was accepted for presentation at the ICA annual world congress in Davenport, Iowa in September 2023. 

Though based in northern Kentucky, Karem received design support for his research poster from the Publications Office of the UK Department of Surgery at the Lexington campus.