Continuity Clinics


The M3 Continuity Clinic is when a 3rd-year student wants to include Ophthalmology in their surgery rotation.  You will be contacted by a Medical Education Specialist from the Dept. of Surgery. Once they have contacted you, you will reach out to our faculty to find someone to accept you.  The student will work with that doctor only. 

For UK medical students, there are a limited number of Ophthalmology continuity clinic preceptorships available during the 3rd year Surgery Clerkship. These require both the approval of Dr. Lucy Franklin and the Surgery Clerkship Director. Priority is given to students with a demonstrated commitment to Ophthalmology (leadership roles, electives, shadowing, work experience, research experience, etc.). E-mail for more information.

The rotation consists of:  

  • 5-7 half-day sessions in the time frame weekly are required.  So, the student would attend clinic for one-half day a week for seven weeks. They can work with the resident and fellow also. 
  • The student is expected to write a clinic note on two patients each week and review them with their faculty sponsor.