Throughout your M1 and M2 years in medical school, you'll immerse yourself in a diverse array of medical disciplines. In the realm of Ophthalmology, we encourage eager students to engage with us early on. Reach out to explore shadowing opportunities and arrange one-on-one meetings with our Program Director, Dr. Lucy Franklin. For M1 and M2 students, we recommend delving into research endeavors. While not mandatory for matching, engaging in research, regardless of its connection to ophthalmology, can be enriching and beneficial.

Our comprehensive OPH-801 course, led by multiple providers over a semester, offers invaluable insights. To join, students are encouraged to schedule their requests through OASIS.

OPH-801 Course Description

This is a clinically oriented course designed for first and second-year medical students interested in an introduction to basic ophthalmologic examination. Along with learning proper examination techniques, students will be introduced to the basic anatomy of the eye and common ailments affecting the visual system. Learning and assessment will be done through small-group workshops with clinical skills sessions in the eye clinic.

Shadowing Opportunities

If you would like to shadow one (or multiple) of our faculty members, please complete the form below and one of our coordinators will see that you fit into an appropriate schedule.



Shadowing Student Form