Every day at the University of Kentucky Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science we evaluate over 200 people of all ages from across the state of Kentucky. We have great pride in our mission and work tirelessly to provide the highest level of eye care for the citizens of the Commonwealth, to train and educate the future leaders in our field, and to alleviate the burden of blindness across the globe through our internationally renowned biomedical research program.

Comprehensive clinical training in ophthalmology is provided through our highly competitive residency which offers four slots each year. Medical students from UK and visiting institutions are welcome to apply for a rotation on our long-established ophthalmology elective that will expose them to the core concepts of ophthalmic disease and surgery with an emphasis on comprehensive care. We have maintained our creativity with academic offerings of unparalleled and exciting continuing medical education both on-campus and online at no cost to students, trainees, and community ophthalmologists throughout the world.

Our departmental research teams are making contributions at the highest levels in the international scientific arena.  Most importantly, we are training the future generations of ophthalmologists that will serve the great citizens of the Commonwealth. I hope our newly designed website highlights our aim to serve our patients, community and students as a leader in ophthalmology and visual sciences.