Date Event Title Speaker
05/02/2023 Trainee Talks Jensen Goh, Kelsey Bullens
04/25/2023 Inhibiting the Cochlear Inhibitors: Synaptic Suppression of Medial Olivocochlear Neuron Activity Catherine Weisz, PhD
04/18/2023 Trainee Talks Alex Pettey, Ana Lopez, Steve MacLean
04/11/2023 Promotion Seminar-Lipoproteins: The Swiss Army Knives of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health Scott Gordon, PhD
04/04/2023 Diana Zajac Public Dissertation Diana Zajac
02/28/2023 The Circadian Clock in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Michelle Gumz, PhD
12/14/2022 Metabolism, Excitability, and Alzheimer's Disease: Molecular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Approaches Shannon Macauley-Rambach
12/09/2022 Age-Related Changes in Cerebrovascular and Neurovascular Control in Humans Jill Barnes, PhD
12/08/2022 The Influence of APOE Genotype on Lipid Droplet Dynamics Cassi Friday
11/30/2022 Available
11/16/2022 Hold
11/09/2022 Developmental Assembly of the Hair Bundle Peter Barr-Gillespie, PhD
11/02/2022 Available
10/26/2022 Inhibiting the cochlear inhibitors: synaptic suppression of medial olivocochlear neuron activity Catherine Weisz, PhD
10/19/2022 Nuclear Receptors and Kinases as Intermediaries in Metabolism Terri Hinds, PhD
10/12/2022 Regulation of Bronchopulmonary Vagal Sensory Nerve Excitability by Kv Channels Hui Sun, MD, PhD
10/05/2022 Cardiac Twitch in Cardiomyopathy Pathogenesis and Therapy Farid Moussavi-Harami, MD
09/28/2022 Impact of chronic ethanol consumption on the functional, transcriptional and epigenetic landscape of monocytes and macrophages Ilhem Messaoudi Powers, PhD
09/21/2022 Available
09/14/2022 How a myosin motor shapes the cytoskeleton to sense sound Jonathan Bird, PhD
04/22/2022 Trainee Dissertation Defense Seminar Zachary Winder, PhD Candidate
04/20/2022 Novel therapeutic approaches for chronic neuropathic pain Daniela Salvemini, PhD
04/13/2022 Phospholipid Regulation of Cardiac EC-Coupling Rose Dixon, PhD
04/06/2022 Targeting the Sarcomere to Treat Cardiac Dysfunction Cheavar Blair, PhD
03/30/2022 Trainee Talks Trainee Talks: Kelsey Bullens / Ethan Glaser / Alex Keeble
03/23/2022 Trainee Talks Trainee Talks: Austin Wellette-Hunsucker / Gregory Milburn / Jensen Goh
03/15/2022 Evidence-based teaching and learning: what works and what doesn't Dee Silverthorn, PhD
03/09/2022 A Developmental Dichotomy: How the Cochlea Makes Inner vs Outer Hair Cells Jaime García-Añoveros, PhD
03/02/2022 Trainee Talks Trainee Talks: Abigail Dragich / Isabel Aristizábal-Ramírez / Garrett Elmore
02/25/2022 Trainee Dissertation Defense "Immunoregulatory receptor genetics, expression, and splicing studies in Alzheimer’s Disease" Ben Shaw, PhD Candidate
02/23/2022 Enterohepatic Regulation of Cholesterol Metabolism Greg Graf, PhD
02/16/2022 Trainee Talks Trainee Talks: Olivia Bodart / Hannah Williams / Lesley Golden
01/12/2022 A tale of two mysteries: cancer cachexia and clinical research Jennifer Moylan, PhD
01/11/2022 Trainee Dissertation Defense "Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Plasticity by the Gut Microbiome" Taylor Valentino, PhD Candidate