The Outreach Center for Science and Health Career Opportunities, with Dr. Donald Frazier as the director, opened its doors in July of 1993. The center coordinates numerous educational programs aimed at pre-college and undergraduate students. The center's initiatives are designed to stimulate interest in the sciences and facilitate the progress of young people toward health careers. Several of the programs under the umbrella of the Outreach Center target minority and rural students, while other programs attempt to reach students by providing resources and workshops for teachers.

The Outreach Center makes the resources of the Medical Center accessible by linking those "doing science" at the Medical Center with educators and students throughout the state and beyond. Outreach Center programs are held in the center itself, in various labs and classrooms in the Medical Center, and/or are taken to individual schools at the request of teachers. The mobile teaching laboratory allows us to reach students in remote/under funded areas of the state - serving as a way to excite high school students about a science career and as a tool for community college recruitment.

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