Date Event Title Speaker Location Host
01/10/2024 cGAS-STING Signaling in Macrophage Lipid Metabolism and Atherogenesis Hong Lu BBSRB 331 Lu Lab
01/17/2024 Using the gut microbiome to treat skeletal muscle atrophy John McCarthy BBSRB 331 McCarthy Lab
01/31/2024 What I did last summer: Antagonists for cigarette smoke odor Timothy McClintock BBSRB 331 McClintock Lab
02/07/2024 Digital PCR Machine Presentation Cheavar Blair and Yuan Wen BBSRB 331 PGY Research Committee
02/14/2024 Neutral sphingomyelinase-2 in the steatotic liver: A novel role in regulating lipid droplet:mitochondria interaction and LD expansion. Mariana Nikolova-Karakashian BBSRB 331 Nikolova-Karakashian Lab
02/21/2024 Identification of SR-BI as a scavenger of heme Misa Ito BBSRB 331 Li Lab
02/28/2024 Macrophage immunometabolism as a therapeutic target for TBI Kathryn Saatman BBSRB 331 Saatman Lab
04/10/2024 MyoAAV to the rescue: Our foray into new viral vectors & serotypes for doing really rad science Jon Satin BBSRB 331 Satin Lab
04/24/2024 De Novo Elastic Fiber Synthesis by Smooth Muscle Cells Differentiated from Sca1+ Progenitor Cells Following Aortic Dissection Sohei Ito BBSRB 331 Daugherty Lab
05/08/2024 Neurotoxicity of sphingoid bases Stefanka Spassieva BBSRB 331 Spassieva Lab
05/22/2024 Cancelled - Please Attend Barnstable Brown Diabetes Research Day BBSRB 331


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