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Physiology Seminar Series occurs each Tuesday morning during the academic year in HKRB 150 at 9:30 a.m. The series brings prominent scientists and educators to campus to share their work with our faculty, staff, and trainees.

Spring Semester 2024

Date Event Title Speaker Institute Host
01/23/2024 Insights Into Brain Aging and Alzheimer's Pathology From the Systemic Environment Joseph Castellano, PhD Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Lance Johnson, PhD
01/30/2024 Muscle Stem Cell Exosomes May Contribute to Blunted Hypertrophic Responses in Old Mice via Macrophage Polarization Shift Tolulope Saliu, PhD University of Kentucky Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc
02/06/2024 The Social Life of Mitochondria Within the Cell: Exclusive Clubs and Dynamic Networks Orian Shirihai, MD, PhD University of California Los Angeles Garrett Anspach, MD/PhD Student
02/13/2024 Available
02/20/2024 Trainee Talks Ana Lopez Porras & Steve MacLean Gregory Frolenkov, PhD
02/27/2024 Trainee Talks Ezekiel Rozmus, Alex Pettey, Lynnet Richey University of Kentucky Gregory Frolenkov, PhD
03/05/2024 Available
03/12/2024 Richardson Lecture- Active Learning in Physiology: Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned Cynthia Metz, PhD University of Louisville Thad Wilson, PhD
03/19/2024 Molecular Genetics of Hearing and Mechanotransduction Nicholas Grillet, PhD Stanford University Cata Velez-Ortega, PhD
03/26/2024 Trainee Talks Georgia Nolt, Isaiah Stephens & Akhil Pallerla University of Kentucky Gregory Frolenkov, PhD
04/02/2024 Fayette County Public Schools Spring Break
04/09/2024 Trainee Talks Riley Irmen, Alyssa Franklin & Benjamin Burke University of Kentucky Gregory Frolenkov, PhD
04/16/2024 Available
04/23/2024 Rewiring the Muscle Transciptome for Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Chris Nelson, PhD University of Arkansas Yuan Wen, PhD, MD
04/30/2024 Trainee Talks Austin Minton, Kylie Morin, Nichoas McVay University of Kentucky Gregory Frolenkov, PhD
05/07/2024 Physiology Research Day
05/14/2024 Trainee Talks Emily Huffman, Emma Bondy & Olivia Hage University of Kentucky Gregory Frolenkov, PhD
05/21/2024 Gene Therapy of Hereditary Hearing Loss Olga Shubina-Oleinik, PhD Harvard Medical School Gregory Frolenkov, PhD

Fall Semester 2024

Date Event Title Speaker Institute Host
09/10/2024 Dr. Swarup is using multi-omic approaches to understand molecular mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Fronto-temporal dementia (FTD). Vivek Swarup, PhD University of California, Irvine Lance Johnson, PhD
09/17/2024 Hold for local speaker University of Kentucky
09/24/2024 Dr. Dayanidhi's research focuses on the role of muscle stem cells dysfunction in impaired musculoskeletal growth in children with cerebral palsy and the contribution of altered muscle metabolism to increased energy expenditure in children. Sudarshan Dayanidhi, PT, PhD University of Florida Ahmed Ismaeel, PhD
10/01/2024 Fayette County Public Schools Fall Break
10/08/2024 Dr. Ryan is focused on understanding the molecular pathways that regulate muscle and vascular responses to environmental and endogenous stressors (both physiological and pathological). Terence Ryan University of Florida Ahmed Ismaeel, PhD
10/15/2024 Dr. Melchior participates in a broad range of studies but has a specific focus on the interplay between lipoprotein metabolism and human disease. John Melchior, PhD Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Ryan Temel, PhD
10/22/2024 Dr. Zangi's research focuses on cardiac regeneration and on the role of adult cardiac stem cells in the healthy and injured heart. Lior Zangi, PhD Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Jonathan Satin, PhD
10/29/2024 Dr. Beard's lab is focused on systems engineering approaches to understanding the biophysical and biochemical operation of physiological systems. Daniel Beard, PhD University of Michigan Austin Wellette-Hunsucker
11/05/2024 Available
11/12/2024 Available
11/19/2024 Dr. Tong's research interest is in studying posttranslational modifications of transcription factors in glucose and lipid metabolism. Xin (Tony) Tong, MD, PhD University of Michigan Ryan Temel, PhD
11/26/2024 Thanksgiving Week
12/03/2024 Available

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