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Physiology Seminar Series occurs each Tuesday morning during the academic year in HKRB 150 at 9:30 a.m. The series brings prominent scientists and educators to campus to share their work with our faculty, staff, and trainees.

Fall Semester 2023

Date Event Title Speaker Institute Host
09/19/2023 Mining the Muscle Microproteome Cat Makarewich, PhD Cincinnati Children's Hospital Jonathan Satin, PhD
09/26/2023 "Multiple Roles for Inhibitory G Proteins in the Development and Maintenance of Auditory and Balance Hair Cells" Basile Tarchini, PhD The Jackson Laboratory Cata Velez-Ortega, PhD
10/03/2023 Fayette County Public Schools Fall Break
10/10/2023 Structural and Functional Insights Into the MechanoElectrical Transduction Channel Essential for Hearing Angela Ballesteros, PhD National Institutes of Health Gregory Frolenkov, PhD
10/17/2023 TBD Nathan Correll, PhD University of Alabama Jonathan Satin, PhD
10/24/2023 Bacterial Lipid Mediators that Modulate the Immune System Christopher Radka, PhD University of Kentucky Greg Graf, PhD
10/31/2023 TBD Gouchang Hu, MD, PhD University of Illinois Xiangan Li, PhD
11/07/2023 TBD Andrew Pieper, MD, PhD Harrington Discovery Institute Brad Hubbard, PhD
11/14/2023 TBD Jyh-Yeuan Lee, PhD University of Ottowa Greg Graf, PhD
11/21/2023 Thanksgiving Week
11/28/2023 TBD Erik Musiek, MD, PhD Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis Shannon Macauley-Rambach, PhD
12/05/2023 "Genetic Drivers of Microglia Dysfunction in Dementias" Celeste Karch, PhD Washington University Lance Johnson, PhD

Spring Semester 2024

Date Event Title Speaker Institute Host
01/23/2024 TBD Joseph Castellano, PhD Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Lance Johnson, PhD
01/30/2024 Trainee Talks
02/06/2024 TBD
02/13/2024 TBD
02/20/2024 TBD
02/27/2024 Trainee Talks
03/05/2024 TBD John Melchior, PhD Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Ryan Temel, PhD
03/12/2024 TBD
03/19/2024 TBD Nicholas Grillet, PhD Stanford University Cata Velez-Ortega, PhD
03/26/2024 Trainee Talks
04/02/2024 Fayette County Public Schools Spring Break
04/09/2024 Trainee Talks
04/16/2024 Trainee Talks
04/23/2024 TBD
04/30/2024 Trainee Talks
06/07/2024 Trainee Talks

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