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Margaret Wieser, MD


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Why did you choose the University of Kentucky?

For residency, I was looking for a program where I would have a strong operative experience in all subspecialties, opportunities for global health and leadership, and great camaraderie with co-residents and faculty. After my interview day, I knew UK surpassed what I was looking for objectively and subjectively. The program had great case numbers, subspecialty representation, fellowship matching, and a yearly Kenya outreach trip. I could also tell the residents were a truly tight-knit group by talking with them and watching their interactions.

What are your hobbies?

Outside of the hospital, I enjoy playing sports (lots of volleyball, tennis, and golf), trying new restaurants with my husband and friends, and spending time with my dog and cat.


I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia for medical school. I became interested in Otolaryngology as a third-year student after loving the intricate anatomy, the breadth of surgeries, and the people I was surrounded by in the field.


Current Year: PGY-2
Simpson College, University of Missouri-Columbia
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa