When and where are the lectures?

3 consortiums= 3 timeframes, all given via Zoom

Eastern Consortium=  8a-12p EST         Entcovid.med.uky.edu

Great Lakes Consortium= 3-5p EST       www.uhhospitals.org/ENTEDConsortium

Western Consortium= 4-6p PDT            https://sites.usc.edu/ohnscovid/

Any tips for Zoom?

Lectures are available via a link on each website.  If you have never signed into Zoom before, you may need to sign up.  Typically those at academic institutions have the full access needed to watch full lectures.  Those on free licenses may be limited.  Remember, you may wish to mute your microphone and/or video, if applicable.

Can anyone sign up to give lectures?

Any faculty or fellow can sign up, including those in private practice.

I work in the Midwest. Can I give lectures or watch lectures in the other consortiums?

Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage otolaryngologists to participate in all the consortiums.

I’m unsure about a topic on which I may want to lecture. Who do I ask?

All websites have contacts who can discuss this with you.

Are the lectures recorded?

Yes, once the websites have gone live.

Can non-otolaryngologists give lectures?

Yes please.  We are looking for all related fields (e.g. audiology, SLP, etc.).  Please contact the leader of each consortium if unsure about a topic.  If the COVID-induced limitations exist beyond the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, we will be recruiting people for lectures in critical care, perioperative and general surgical management, etc.  Stay tuned….

Will the consortiums coordinate their material at some point?

In discussion.