We are committed to nurturing future leaders in the field and actively engaging with the community. Drawing upon diverse expertise in immunology, microbiology, epidemiology, behavioral sciences, veterinary sciences, engineering, systems biology, communication, and global engagement, we strive for ground-breaking discoveries. Moreover, we recognize the importance of addressing vaccine hesitancy and misinformation, thereby fostering trust between the scientific community and the residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Ultimately, our mission encompasses not only advancing knowledge but also imparting essential skills to the next generation of scientists 

Research Areas


Ilhem Messaoudi Powers, PhD

Positions Held:
  • Consortium Chair
  • Chair, Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, UK College of Medicine
headshot of david burgess

David S. Burgess, PharmD, FCCP, FIDP

Positions Held:
  • Professor and Chair, Pharmacy Practice and Science
headshot of steven van lanen

Steven Van Lanen, PhD

Positions Held:
  • Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department

Rebecca Dutch, PhD

Positions Held:
  • Professor
  • Vice Dean for Research

Beth Garvy, PhD

Positions Held:
  • Professor
  • Senior Associate Dean for Biomedical Education

Richard Greenberg, MD

Positions Held:
  • Professor, Infectious Diseases
headshot of kystal kuhs

Krystle A. Lang Kuhs, PhD, MPH

Positions Held:
  • Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health
headshot of feng li

Feng Li, DVM, PhD

Positions Held:
  • William Robert Mills Chair in Equine Infectious Disease
headshot of vincent

Vincent Venditto, PhD

Positions Held:
  • Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department

I am thrilled by the boundless possibilities our collaborative efforts promise at the University of Kentucky. With a steadfast commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering transdisciplinary alliances, we aim to propel infectious disease research to new heights, creating a healthier Kentucky and nurturing future scientific leaders.

Dr. Messaoudi in forefront and lab in background
Ilhem Powers Messaoudi, PhD
Chair, Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics; Founder of CURE-KY


Stacy Underwood

Administrative Support Associate I

MS-409 Med Science Bldg
800 Rose St
Lexington, KY 40536