Research in Otolaryngology

The University of Kentucky Department of Otolaryngology believes that research is a critical aspect of patient outcomes and advances in patient care, as well as medical education. UK Otolaryngology has NIH and RO1 funding, and is a leader in hearing care disparities research.  The department is also actively involved in COVID research, both in the clinical trials and educational realms.  We invite you to explore the links to highlighted research areas below:


CHAMPS-DHH stands for “Communities Harnessing and eMpowering Parenting Strengths,” and DHH stands for “deaf and hard of hearing.” Our research team’s goals are to always value and build our projects in partnership with the communities we work with.


The PIIPPI trial was designed after discussion with specialists in critical care, virology, otolaryngology, and endocrinology as well as consultation of the most recent international literature in order to assess the efficacy, safety, and ease of use of a nasal and oral preparation of povidone iodine for health care providers and for inpatients/preoperative patients as a mode of prevention of infection and transmission of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. 

Resident Research

The residency program requires residents to design, complete, and submit two research projects for publication in an academic journal of their choosing. Residents may research any topic of interest, retrospective, prospective or basic science in nature. We have full-time research faculty and receive NIH funding.

Resident Research