SCoBIRC Seminars

Our seminar series includes a range of internal and external speakers studying neurotrauma.

The seminars are held the second Thursday of the month at 9 a.m. in B202 BBSRB. Contact Pat Sullivan at for more information. 

SCoBIRC Works in Progress

Learn about exciting new research being conducted in neurotrauma.

The seminars are held the third Thursday of the month at 9 a.m. in B202 BBSRB and feature Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center (SCoBIRC) faculty and faculty associates. Contact Brad Hubbard for more information.

Past Speakers

“Dissecting Neuronal Intrinsic and Extrinsic Hurdles of Axon Regeneration”
Hongyan Jenny Zou, PhD, MD
Departments of Neuroscience and Neurosurgery,
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai¬
New York, NY

“Understanding Outcome Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: New Approaches and Underrepresented Populations”
Justin E. Karr, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

“Phospholipid Signaling in the Pathogenesis of Traumatic Brain Injury”
Hülya Bayir, MD
Professor in Critical Care Pediatric Research
Professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
Director, Children’s Neuroscience Institute
Academic Chief, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Critical Care Medicine
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

“Exploring Multiple Mechanisms Underlying Pain After Spinal Cord Injury”
Sandra M. Garraway, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology Scientific Director, EMIC
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

“Development of a chronic tethered intrathecal drug delivery system in rats”
Michael Kyweriga, PhD
Senior Scientist, Novoron Bioscience, Neuroregenerative Therapeutics
San Diego, CA

“Impact of Spinal Cord Injury on Cardiometabolic and Bowel Functions”
Cédric G. Geoffroy, PhD
Department of Neuroscience & Experimental Therapeutics, College of Medicine
Texas A&M University
Bryan, TX

“A Hemotherapy for Spinal Cord Injury”
Aaron Phillips, PhD
Physiology & Pharmacology
Clinical Neurosciences and Cardiac Sciences University of Calgary
Calgary Alberta, Canada

“Low Dose 4-Aminopyridine Therapy Mitigates Axon Damage and Demyelination During the Acute Phase After Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury”
Regina C. Armstrong, PhD
Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences,
Bethesda, MD

“Targeting LRP-1 for CNS Repair”
Travis Stiles, PhD
Founder & CEO, Novoron Bioscience, Inc.
San Diego, CA

“Causes and Consequences of Defective Brain Lymphatic Drainage in Head Trauma”
John R. Lukens, PhD
Department of Neuroscience & Center for Brain Immunology and Glia (BIG)
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA