William "Bill" Shuttleworth, PhD

Reagents’ professor & department chair, University of New Mexico Health Sciences

30 years of CNS bioenergetic and metabolism experience, a great resource for all junior PIs, including clinical translation from the bench. PD on COBRE that is now in Phase II and he has experience as chair of an external advisory committee for another COBRE.


Mayumi Prins, PhD

Professor and vice chair of neurosurgery, University of California, Los Angeles; director of the UCLA Brain Injury Research Center, associate director for UCLA's BrainSPORT. 

20+ years of brain metabolism research focused on glucose metabolism and alternative biofuel use by the injured CNS.  Leader in the Neurotrauma and brain metabolism fields and direct overlap of experience with the focus of two junior PIs (Hubbard and Selenica).


Kristen L Zuloaga , PhD

Associate professor and director of graduate studies, department of neuroscience and experimental therapeutics (DNET) at Albany Medical College. 

Research focuses in AD and other dementias with an interest in how sex, aging, and sex hormones influence vascular and metabolic contributions to dementia and to develop sex-specific therapeutic strategies to improve cognitive function and reduce the burden of dementia. The candidate has a direct overlap of experience with the focus of two junior PIs (Selenica and Yamasaki).


Jill Morris, PhD

Assistant professor and assistant director of the Kansas University Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Biomarker Core, and director of the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center Developmental Projects program.

Research is focused on the differences in both systemic and brain energy metabolism in cognitively healthy aging and Alzheimer's Disease. It is possible that energy metabolism plays an early role or is an early marker in Alzheimer's Disease etiology. The lab seeks to explore how energy metabolism can be modified and improved to prevent and treat Alzheimer's Disease The candidate has experience to offer mentorship to all the junior PIs, especially clinical biomarkers. 


Lisa Cassis, Ph.D. 

COBRE Director; Vice President of Research 


Louis Hersch, Ph.D. 

CNS-Met IAC Chair; COBRE Director 

Daret St. Clair, Ph.D. 

COBRE Director 


Linda Van Eldik, Ph.D. 

Center on Aging; COBRE Director 


Jon Thorson, Ph.D.

COBRE Director