1. Can my budget include funds for the PI’s salary?

  • Yes, you must. A PI and a co-I each must have some effort on the project.

2. Is there a limit on salary support?

  • No

3. Can I include a letter of support from a key collaborator?

  • Yes

4. The website states that I need “X” but the flyer does not.  Which is correct?

  • The website has the complete list of requirements.

 5. Can my colleague and I apply as multiple PI’s?

  • The application should be from a single PI although co-I’s are allowed on the grant.
    All co-I's must work at UK.

 6. If I have funding for a project from another source, may I apply for additional funding from the COBRE pilot grant?

  • Not if there is scientific overlap between the projects.

7. May I budget money for travel to a conference?

  • No

8. Is an eIAF required to submit an application?

  • No

9. I am not sure if I am eligible to apply.  What should I do?

10. When will I find out whether or not my application is successful?

  • 2 - 3 months after the submission deadlines 

11. Are subcontracts allowed?

  • No

12.  Do I need IRB/IACUC approval prior to submission of a pilot award?

  • You do not need to have protocols approved when submitting a pilot.  However, approval by the NIH requires that human subjects or animal research has already received institutional approvals.  If approvals require extensive periods of time, or are not submitted in a timely manner in relation to initial notification of potential funding, then funds may not be released.