Date Event Title Speaker
12/06/2023 The Histone Methyltransferase SETDB2 Modulates Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinase–Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity During Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Development Julianne Sharpe
11/29/2023 Directed evolution of a family of AAV capsid variants enabling potent muscle-directed gene delivery across species Cheavar Blair
11/22/2023 Thanksgiving Break
11/15/2023 Single-Molecule Spatial Transcriptomics of Human Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms Uncovers Calcification-Related CARTPT-Expressing Smooth Muscle Cells Sohei Ito
11/08/2023 Prolonged QT intervals in mice with cardiomyocyte-specific deficiency of the molecular clock Brian Delisle
11/01/2023 Cell-autonomous regulation of complement C3 by factor H limits macrophage efferocytosis and exacerbates atherosclerosis Shu Liu
10/25/2023 Resveratrol intervention attenuates chylomicron secretion via repressing intestinal FXR-induced expression of scavenger receptor SR-B1 Olivia Hage
10/18/2023 Hepatic SREBP signaling requires SPRING to govern systemic lipid metabolism in mice and humans Anna Mead
10/11/2023 A HIF independent oxygen-sensitive pathway for controlling cholesterol synthesis Gregory Graf
10/04/2023 Pharmacological treatment with FGF21 strongly improves plasma cholesterol metabolism to reduce atherosclerosis Zachary Kipp
09/27/2023 The DWORF micropeptide enhances contractility and prevents heart failure in a mouse model of dilated cardiomyopathy Garrett Elmore
09/20/2023 Intracellular tPA–PAI-1 interaction determines VLDL assembly in hepatocytes Alex Pettey
09/13/2023 Hepatic nonvesicular cholesterol transport is critical for systemic lipid homeostasis Preetha Shridas
09/06/2023 Severe hypertriglyceridemia caused by Gpihbp1 deficiency facilitates vascular remodeling through increasing endothelial activation and oxidative stress Ryan Temel
08/30/2023 Blair Lab TBD
08/30/2023 Platelets exacerbate cardiovascular inflammation in a murine model of Kawasaki disease vasculitis Shayan Mohammadmoradi
08/23/2023 Extracellular vesicle-based interorgan transport of mitochondria from energetically stressed adipocytes Congqing Wu
08/23/2023 Alsiraj Lab TBD
04/25/2023 Sustained alternate-day fasting potentiates doxorubicin cardiotoxicity Cheavar Blair
04/18/2023 STING activation in platelets aggravates septic thrombosis by enhancing platelet activation and granule secretion Jian Cui, PhD
04/11/2023 Atherosclerosis Regression and Cholesterol Efflux in Hypertriglyceridemic Mice Lei Cai
04/04/2023 Endothelial HDAC1-ZEB2-NuRD Complex Drives Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection Through Regulation of Protein S-Sulfhydration Sohei Ito
03/28/2023 Ablation of CaMKIId oxidation by CRISPR-Cas9 base editing as a therapy for cardiac disease Nicholas McVay
03/21/2023 CCN2 deficiency in smooth muscle cells triggers cell reprogramming and aggravates aneurysm development Naofumi Amioka
03/14/2023 No Meeting, Spring Break
03/07/2023 Inhibition of ATG3 ameliorates liver steatosis by increasing mitochondrial function Mikala Zelows
02/28/2023 Light modulates glucose metabolism by a retina-hypothalamus-brown adipose tissue axis Mina Lin
02/21/2023 MGAT2 inhibitor decreases liver fibrosis and inflammation in murine NASH models and reduces body weight in human adults with obesity Gregory Graf
02/14/2023 A hepatokine derived from the ER protein CREBH promotes triglyceride metabolism by stimulating lipoprotein lipase activity Raj Neupane
02/07/2023 Platelet olfactory receptor activation limits platelet reactivity and growth of aortic aneurysms Shu Liu
01/31/2023 Slowing Heart Rate Protects Against Pathological Cardiac Hypertrophy Brian Delisle
01/24/2023 Drug Targeting of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Inhibits Metabolic Dysfunction and Atherosclerosis in a Murine Model of Metabolic Syndrome Alex Pettey
01/17/2023 ILRUN Promotes Atherosclerosis Through LipidDependent and Lipid-Independent Factors Gregory Graf
11/29/2022 Dietary lipids inhibit mitochondria transfer to macrophages to divert adipocyte-derived mitochondria into the blood
11/22/2022 Nonmyocyte ERK1/2 signaling contributes to load-induced cardiomyopathy in Marfan mice Bryana Levitan