About the Midwest Platelet Conference

The Midwest Platelet Conference began as a regional gathering in the Chicago/Milwaukee area and has evolved into a meeting that attracts platelet researchers from all over North America.  The meeting has a focus on “all things platelets” and a commitment to promoting trainees and new investigators in the field.  The program will include sessions on platelet biogenesis, platelet function/activation, platelets and coagulation, platelets and disease, and emerging trends in platelet research. 


Those interested in attending can register here. Registration is $130 (not including tax) per person. Each conference attendee must be registered individually (no group registration). 


The 19th Midwest Platelet Conference will take place at The Campbell House Lexington, Curio Collection by Hilton (1375 South Broadway Lexington, KY 40504). 


Come back soon! This page is currently under construction. 

Exploring Lexington

Attendees are encouraged to explore Lexington in their free time! Most known for its world-class horse racing, bourbon and basketball, Lexington has something for everyone. We couldn't narrow down a list of the best activities in town, but VisitLex.com, the Campbell House, and 21C all do a pretty great job.