Date Event Title Speaker
12/16/2022 TBD Shravani Prakhya
11/18/2022 TBD Chi Peng
10/28/2022 TBD Josh Lykins
09/23/2022 TBD Alexis Smith
08/26/2022 TBD Reinhold Munker, MD
07/22/2022 TBD Scott Gordon, PhD
06/24/2022 TBD Wally Whiteheart, PhD
05/27/2022 TBD
04/22/2022 TBD
03/25/2022 TBD
02/25/2022 TBD
01/28/2022 TBD
12/18/2020 TBD Harry Chanzu
11/20/2020 TBD Alexis Smith
10/23/2020 TBD Josh Lykins
09/25/2020 TBD Yan Zhang
08/28/2020 TBD Martha Sim
05/22/2020 TBD Smita Joshi
04/24/2020 TBD Shravani Prakya
02/22/2019 "Glucose metabolism and metabolic flexibility in blood platelets" Shravani Kanakanagavalli
01/25/2019 "Thrombocytopenia-associated mutations in Ser/Thr kinase MASTL deregulate actin cytoskeletal dynamics in platelets" Smita Joshi, PhD
11/30/2018 "a-Toxin Induces Platelet Aggregation and Liver Injury during Staphylococcus aureus Sepsis" Clark Strunk
10/26/2018 NO JOURNAL CLUB - Midwest Platelet Conference Midwest Platelet Conference
09/28/2018 "A mutation in the gene coding for the sialic acid transporter SLC35A1 is required for platelet life span but not proplatelet formation" Jincgai Zhang
08/24/2018 TBD
05/25/2018 "Platelet HMGB1 is required for efficient bacterial clearance in intra-abdominal bacterial sepsis in mice" Shaojing Ye, PhD
04/20/2018 "Platelets release pathogenic serotonin and return to circulation after immune complex-mediated sequestration" Wally Whiteheart, PhD
03/23/2018 "Selective factor VIII activation by the tissue factor–factor VIIa–factor Xa complex" Jeremy Wood, PhD
02/23/2018 "Migrating Platelets Are Mechano-scavengers that Collect and Bundle Bacteria" Travis Sexton, PhD
01/26/2018 "The podoplanin-CLEC-2 axis inhibits inflammation in sepsis" Meenakshi Banerjee
12/15/2017 "Granzyme A in Human Platelets Regulates the Synthesis of Proinflammatory Cytokines by Monocytes in Aging" Shaojing Ye
11/17/2017 "Protein kinase A determines platelet life span and survival by regulating apoptosis" Travis Sexton
10/27/2017 "Acetylsalicylic acid differentially limits the activation and expression of cell death markers in human platelets exposed to Staphylococcus aureus strains" Aaron Thompson