Current Journal Club Meetings

Wednesdays at 8 a.m. in BBSRB B202
Presenters in this forum discuss specific citations including the basis for this publication's selection, strengths, and weaknesses, as if they were the original reviewer. For more information contact: Greg Graf, PhD or Ryan Temel, PhD.

Fall Semester

Date Event Title Speaker Location
08/23/2023 Wu Lab Congqing Wu BBSRB B202
08/30/2023 Whiteheart Lab Shayan Mohammadmoradi BBSRB B202
09/06/2023 Temel Lab Ryan Temel BBSRB B202
09/13/2023 Shridas Lab Preetha Shridas BBSRB B202
09/20/2023 Sawada Lab Alex Pettey BBSRB B202
09/27/2023 Satin Lab Garrett Elmore BBSRB B202
10/04/2023 Hinds Lab Zachary Kipp BBSRB B202
10/11/2023 Graf Lab Gregory Graf BBSRB B202
10/18/2023 Helsley Lab Anna Mead BBSRB B202
10/25/2023 Gordon Lab Olivia Hage BBSRB B202
11/01/2023 Gong Lab Shu Liu BBSRB B202
11/08/2023 Delisle Lab Brian Delisle BBSRB B202
11/15/2023 Lu Lab Sohei Ito BBSRB B202
11/22/2023 Thanksgiving Break
11/29/2023 Blair Lab Cheavar Blair BBSRB B202
12/06/2023 Alsiraj Lab Julianne Sharpe BBSRB B202