Current Journal Club Meetings

Wednesdays at 8 a.m. in BBSRB B202
Presenters in this forum discuss specific citations including the basis for this publication's selection, strengths, and weaknesses, as if they were the original reviewer. For more information contact: Greg Graf, PhD or Ryan Temel, PhD.

Spring 2024 Semester

Date Event Title Speaker Location
01/10/2024 ApoA-I Protects Pancreatic β-Cells From Cholesterol-Induced Mitochondrial Damage and Restores Their Ability to Secrete Insulin Gregory Graf BBSRB 202A
01/17/2024 EcoHIV-Infected Mice Show No Signs of Platelet Activation Hammodah Alfar BBSRB 202A
01/24/2024 Aster-dependent nonvesicular transport facilitates dietary cholesterol uptake Ryan Temel BBSRB 202A
01/31/2024 GDF15 is a major determinant of ketogenic dietinduced weight loss Ailing Li BBSRB 202A
02/07/2024 Presenilin-1 in smooth muscle cells facilitates hypermuscularization in elastin aortopathy Alex Pettey BBSRB 202A
02/14/2024 An improved reporter identifies ruxolitinib as a potent and cardioprotective CaMKII inhibitor Nicholas McVay BBSRB 202A
02/21/2024 Fibrillin-1 regulates endothelial sprouting during angiogenesis Bowen Li BBSRB 202A
02/28/2024 The pro-resolving mediator, annexin A1 regulates blood pressure, and age-associated changes in cardiovascular function and remodeling Genesee Martinez BBSRB 202A
03/06/2024 AKR1B1 drives hyperglycemia-induced metabolic reprogramming in MASLD-associated hepatocellular carcinoma Garrett Anspach BBSRB 202A
03/13/2024 Spring Break
03/20/2024 Cancelled - Please Attend Faculty Candidate Seminar Xu Xiao HKRB 150
03/27/2024 Identification of a non-canonical chemokine-receptor pathway suppressing regulatory T cells to drive atherosclerosis Xufang Mu BBSRB 202A
04/03/2024 Zilebesiran, an RNA Interference Therapeutic Agent for Hypertension Dien Ye BBSRB 202A
04/10/2024 Mitochondrial dysfunction abrogates dietary lipid processing in enterocytes Raj Neupane BBSRB 202A
04/17/2024 Cancelled - Please Attend Faculty Candidate Seminar Yao Gao, MD, PhD HKRB 150
04/24/2024 Suppression of food intake by Glp1r/Lepr-coexpressing neurons prevents obesity in mouse models Shu Liu BBSRB 202A
05/01/2024 Cancelled - Please Attend Faculty Candidate Seminar Jessica Caldwell CTW 312