Date Event Title Speaker
05/05/2023 Sex, Drugs, Age and Time-Perspectives in Chronobiology Garrett A. FitzGerald, MD
04/28/2023 Efforts to Increase Cardiovascular Health Equity Meredith Duncan, PhD
04/26/2023 Complex Adipose Tissue Profiles in the Vascular Microenvironment Lucy Liaw, PhD
04/21/2023 Metaorganismal Endocrinology in Cardiometabolic Disease Mark Brown, PhD
04/14/2023 Two Sides of Precision Medicine and the Role of Proteomics in Individualized Therapies and Diagnostics Jennifer Van Eyk, PhD
04/07/2023 Fayette County Schools Spring Break No Seminar
03/31/2023 Interactions Between Chemokine Receptors and Vasopressor Receptors During the Cardiovascular Stress Response Matthias Majetschak, MD, PhD
03/24/2023 Bile Acid Homeostasis in Obesity Pathogenesis Lindsay Czuba, PhD
03/17/2023 From Big Data to Single Cells-Unlocking Vascular Pathophysiology from Human Variations Paul Cheng, MD, PhD
03/10/2023 Lipoprotein Changes in Early and Late-Stage Liver Disease Margery Connelly, PhD, MBA
03/03/2023 Targeting the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier Ameliorates Myocardial Ischemic-Reperfusion Injury Joseph Visker, PhD
02/17/2023 Precision Nanomedicine Targeting Novel Endothelial Mechano-Sensing Mechanisms to Treat Vascular Diseases Yun Fang, PhD
02/10/2023 Far From Perfect: The Long-Lasting Effects of Cancer Treatments Jun-ichi Abe, MD, PhD
02/03/2023 Healthy Hearts for Women Symposium Healthy Hearts for Women
01/27/2023 Decoding Thromboinflammation in COVID Yogen Kanthi, MD
12/16/2022 Single-cell RNA Sequencing Reveals Novel Function of Thrombospondin-1 in Murine Venous Thrombosis Ting Zhou, PhD
12/02/2022 Targeting the Sarcomere to Treat Contractile Dysfunction Cheavar Blair, PhD
11/25/2022 Thanksgiving Holiday No Seminar
11/18/2022 Interorgan crosstalk and tissue microenvironment in metabolic liver disease Jiandie Lin, PhD
11/11/2022 Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System in Pregnancy and Hypertension Robin Shoemaker, PhD
11/04/2022 Breeder's Cup Weekend No Seminar
10/28/2022 24th Annual Cardiovascular Research Day
10/21/2022 Redox homeostasis, Heart-Brain communication and Chronic heart failure Changhai Tian, PhD
10/14/2022 Linking Blood Clot Lysis and Lipoproteins Ze Zheng, MBBS, PhD
10/07/2022 Fayette County Schools Fall Break No Seminar
09/30/2022 Targeting intermediary metabolism to treat cardiometabolic disease Brian Finck, PhD
09/23/2022 Smooth Muscle Cell-Derived Resident Vascular Stem Cells: Role in Pathological Vascular Remodeling Mary C.M. Weiser-Evans, PhD, FAHA
09/16/2022 Lp(a): A Causal Cardiovascular Risk Factor and the Mechanisms Regulating its Levels Gissette Reyes-Soffer, MD
04/22/2022 "Coagulation disorders: trawling for new diagnostics and therapeutics using genome editing in zebrafish" Jordan Shavit, MD, PhD
04/15/2022 "Cellular mechanisms and emerging therapeutics for myxomatous valve degeneration in Marfan syndrome" Katherine E. Yutzey, PhD
04/08/2022 “hiPSC modeling the aortic root aneurysm of Loeys-Dietz syndrome” Bo Yang, MD, PhD
04/01/2022 "Deciphering the code for cardiomyocyte proliferation" Tamer Mohamed, PhD
03/25/2022 CANCELED
03/18/2022 UK Spring Break
03/11/2022 “Temporally and regionally distinct responses in the pathogenesis of hereditary aneurysm" Elena Gallo MacFarlane, PhD