The University of Kentucky has developed a strong group of investigators in the area of cardiovascular research. The purpose of the center is to facilitate the development of these research efforts across the campus. In a collaborative interaction with the Graduate Center for Nutritional Sciences, the Saha Cardiovascular Research Center is housed on the second floor of the Biomedical/Biological Sciences Research Building (BBSRB), as well as the fifth floor of the Charles T. Wethington Building. In addition to the faculty that are resident on these floors, there are many labs across the campus that are engaged in cardiovascular research. 

Goals of the University of Kentucky Saha Cardiovascular Research Center

  1. To develop a nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence in cardiovascular research; 
  2. To provide an environment for the development and retention of productive faculty;
  3. To facilitate the training of students, including postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, medical students, and residents; and
  4. To encourage the development of translational and clinical research with funding from federal agencies and industry.