Our physicists play a pivotal role in our research team. They are involved in various developmental efforts to further improve treatment technology, find new procedures, and more. At the UK College of Medicine Department of Radiation Medicine, we offer a wide range of hands-on clinical improvement projects in medical physics research to our prospective graduate students.

Treatment, Planning, and Optimization

  • AI-based auto contouring
  • Knowledge-based treatment planning
  • Optimization of SBRT, IMRT, VMAT planning, and dose escalation trials
  • Biological based-plan optimization
  • Monte Carlo calculations and independent dose verification
  • Brachytherapy treatment planning and optimization
  • Gamma knife and Linac-based radiosurgery for small brain lesions and functional diseases

Quality Assurance, Treatment Delivery, and Outcome Prediction

  • Image-guidance techniques for radiation therapy
  • 4D-CT reconstruction, motion management techniques and image registration
  • Triggered imaging on TrueBeam and 6DOF patient set up corrections
  • Treatment verification and dosimetry
  • Outcome prediction and clinical follow up studies

Novel Treatment Delivery and Verification Techniques

  • Optimization of single-isocenter/multi-target linac-based radiosurgery treatments
  • Novel applications of HyperArc VMAT for cranial and extracranial tumors
  • MLC-based spatially fractionated radiation therapy (GRID Therapy)
  • Optimization of SBRT plans on ring-mounted Halcyon linac
  • 3D-printed treatment aids/bolus
  • Optimization of VMAT based, supine cranio-spinal axis irradiation (CSI)
  • Custom 3D-printed brachytherapy applicators