Full-Range of Clinical Offerings

The UK College of Medicine Department of Radiation Medicine is part of the University of Kentucky’s Markey Cancer Center. Our facilities have been recently upgraded to include a complete renovation of our clinical facilities. Recent equipment installations include TrueBeam Linac with perfect pitch couch and advanced imaging package, high throughput Halcyon Linac, Siemens CT simulators, and Gamma Knife Perfexion. In addition, our primary treatment planning system is Eclipse and ARIA for treatment delivery record and verifying. Patient’s chart information is managed in EPIC system. We offer a full range of clinical services to our patients: 3D conformal RT, IMRT, TBI, TSE, SBRT, DIBH, spatially fractionated (GRID) radiation therapy and other special procedures. We offer both frame-based Gamma Knife radiosurgery and frameless HyperArc SRS/SRT treatments for our patients. Custom bolus is printed via a 3D-printer, as needed. In-vivo dosimetry program include TLDs, films, diodes and OSLD devices. Our clinics utilized wide ranges of SUN Nuclear machine QA devices. We utilize the IBA blue phantom 2 for Linac calibration and dosimetry measurements.

We are fortunate to have one of the most active brachytherapy programs in the region. We treat approximately 300 patients per year using our Varisource HDR unit, as well as numerous LDR procedures, including prostate brachytherapy and eye plaques for ocular melanoma. Radiopharmaceutical injections are also performed such as Xofigo. We have very active Y-90 program for selected hepatic cancer patients. As such, our residents are exposed to a uniquely diverse range of brachytherapy procedures.

External beam radiation therapy and HDR brachytherapy treatment planning is performed using the most recent version of Varian Eclipse treatment planning system via a Citrix cloud-based system that can be access remotely. Images registration is done via the image registration module in Eclipse or Velocity software. Prostate seeds implant planning is done using VariSeed software.

Resident Access

All resident have access to the UK library system. This system houses multiple physical libraries including one in the UK College of Medicine, located in an adjacent building. On-line access to journals and search engines (e.g. Medline) is provided.

Our four residents share an office space with connected open door. They each have a desk top computer issued by the department of radiation medicine. They have access to a suite of software including Microsoft Office products, Eclipse/ARIA, MATLab, Adobe Acrobat and other items available in the radiation Medicine department. Our department conference rooms are equipped with two computers and "smart boards" screens that facilitate didactic teaching efforts, journal clubs and patients chart rounds.