This website will walk you through developing an individual development plan (IDP), which will help you explore career possibilities and set goals to follow the career path that fits you best. You will find exercises to help you examine your skills, interests, and values; a list of 20 scientific career paths with a prediction of which ones best fit your skills and interests; a tool for setting strategic goals for the coming year with optional reminders to keep you on track; and articles and resources to guide you through the process. Be aware that NIH annual progress reports received on/after October 1, 2014, must include a section to describe how individual development plans (IDPs) are used to identify and promote the career goals of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers associated with the award. As a result, reviewing your IDP annually with a faculty mentor is an important part of your graduate training.

Training and Resources

The Office of Biomedical Education strives to provide the best and most up-to-date resources to its students. If you know of a resource that you think would be beneficial to others, please send us the information at

You can get training in a variety of topics through your myUK portal. See a list of trainings here: "Technology Training" offers instruction on various software.

Once you've logged onto myUK, click on the "Employee Self-Service" tab and then the "myUK learning" link. Continue following "learning" links until you see the "Find Learning" box where you can search for the course you want.

STUCKERT CAREER CENTER (resources for grad students/postdocs)

Tithi Basu-Mallik, Assistant Director for Graduate/Professional Students & Postdoctoral Scholars


Mental Health Needs

Counseling for Trainees

College of Medicine Psychologist - Be sure to also check out The Woodland Group at the bottom of the psychologist's page.



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