Toxicology and Cancer Biology Research

Our education mission is to provide students with an education in toxicology that is based on an understanding of biochemistry, physiology, molecular/cell biology and metabolomics, coupled with in-depth research experience on the mechanisms by which specific agents induce toxicity, and/or the basic cellular processes upon which environmental agents impact to cause disease.

Callie Arnold

I will be a junior at Morehead State University this fall getting a BS in biomedical sciences. My goal after obtaining my bachelor’s is to attend medical school in the hopes of becoming a family physician.

This summer, I am working in Dr. Orren’s lab looking at lung, oral, and cancer cells and the effects that cigarette smoke and grape flavored e-cigarette smoke have on them. With these, we treat the cells and analyze the RNA for mutations that could affect the genes in these cells. With this research, we are hoping to better understood the effects of e-cigarettes on the human body.