About the Postdoctoral Program

The University of Kentucky has long recognized the invaluable contributions made by our postdocs to the exciting biomedical research conducted here. Our efforts to make UK one of the best places to pursue postdoctoral training have built a culture of collaboration and a commitment to teaching, as well as an emphasis on training and career counseling.

Annual Trainee Poster Session

In order to broaden the scope of presentation opportunities, the Trainees in Research Advisory Committee and Office of Biomedical Education host an annual peer-reviewed College of Medicine Trainee Poster Session. This unique opportunity permits trainees across diverse disciplines to present their work in progress in a friendly environment for constructive feedback. This session also offers trainees an opportunity to network and learn of the breadth and depth of research ongoing in the College.


In conjunction with the Trainees in Research Advisory Committee, the Office of Biomedical Education promotes postdoctoral culture and helps ensure postdocs have an optimal training environment. The Office also provides information and resources to faculty and staff seeking to assist these scholars. The Office of Biomedical Education provides the following services:

Trainees in Research Advisory Committee

The Trainees in Research Advisory Committee's mission is to support the efforts of all trainees in the College of Medicine as well as to advise the Dean concerning issues related to the trainees. This committee is comprised of current students, postdocs, faculty, and administrative staff who are involved in the day-to-day interactions with the trainee community within the College.

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